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7:30 Update, Brant Beach crime scene, from Laura M: "Stabbing. And they finally caught him."

The Brant Beach crime scene is a bit crazed. There’s tons of July 4th traffic on the ocean road being diverted and/or blocked by numerous officers from no less than five police departments – that I could count. Also on-scene are first aid personnel and vehicles at the ready. The east-west street at the scene are closed off, with rubber necking motorists on the packed Boulevard trying to get a gander. 
Yes, officers are walking around with AR-15 assault rifles across their chests. 
All I could get was an offensively arm male, wearing white T and tan/khaki shorts or pants. I heard he had a handgun -- later it became a knife.
There just might be a whacko out and about for the holidays. The police are taking no chances as more officers were arriving as I left at 6 p.m. The good part is most of the PDs are full for the big weekend. 
Oh, I should mention that shortly after the sighting nearby oceanfront homes were entered and searched by assaulted-weaponed police officers. One gal was pulling away and said to me, “I’m leaving. It’s too dangerous around here.” She was not a happy camper. Another mom was ready to pull her family out of their oceanfront home and hit the road. Her husband arrived to calm her down. Hey, crap like this is spooky nowadays. 
Even though I was nastily approached and moved on by a younger officer with AR-15 across his chest – and a seeming dislike for media -- our boys in blue are handling this like ultimate professionals. It should feel good to be this well-protected

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