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Late-day fishing weirdness Friday, December 19, 2014: I checked the beach at closing today and was shocked to find it absolutely alive.

Below: Herring are a possibility to explain the crazed splashing.  

Friday, December 19, 2014: I checked the beach at closing today and was shocked to find it absolutely alive. There was something bustin’ all over the place – and as far out as I could see.

I took this (poor) video so you can get some glimpses at what I was seeing. The video doesn’t show the wide-ranging splashing all that well. I drove for half a mile and there was surface bustin’ extending from as close in as a foot of water then outward to where the splashes faded into the darkness.  


Sure, I was throwing jigs at the action but all I had to show was one small striper and one solid hit. Seeing the baitfish action, I thought I’d be taking hits nonstop. 

As to what was making the mid-December ruckus, the splashers were way too large to be spearing, plus they weren’t moving in a spearing-esque way. The odd part is how absolutely silvery these fish were when they came fully out of the water. They almost glowed. 

Also, they seemed way too small to be Atlantic/ocean herring. What’s more they were way too plentiful. Ocean herring often show this time of year but they’re not only much larger but they’re more inclined to do singular jumps. Today’s splashers were spraying around, hectic and close together, school-like..

By the by, it’s impossible to eliminate some form of herring, since there are literally dozens of varieties. In fact, my final guess would be either immature ocean herring or one of those rarer brands. 

All that said, I really suggest getting some casting in this weekend, though that late-day window seems to be the only open-for-bass-business time.


Here’s my report from earlier in the day …  a.m. report: Cloud and raw. So much so that I drove down to the end to clam, stepped out of my truck to get geared up and “Screw this.” I then went over and bounded a bit with the snowy owl, which has calmed down completely from yesterday, showing virtually no interest in my photographing him – or even my being there. I have no doubt this is his kinda weather – and quietness, short of a passing Stu, I was the only humanity in sight.   






After owling, I jetty fished Spray Beach and The Terrace. One pickup when casting as close to the low tide sandbar as my jig would make it. Then nothing. I think a metal (Ava, Hopkins) with a teaser might get the distance and presentation out where the bass are seemingly sitting just off the sandbar slope. I know that’s a lot of theory based on one fish but it also seems logical they’d be out there picking crabs.




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