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June 5, 09 -- Rain -- then hot angling

Dante S's bass, see below ... Friday, June 05, 2009: Waves: 2-3 foot building N swell. Current: Moderate (6 oz) north to south. Water clarity: Very good. Obviously, the weather has invited itself back in as a player. It’s not flexing quite as much as it could, wind-wise. Still, brisk NE-erlies have the ocean moving sidewise at a pretty good clip. However, this ain’t bad. It should be short-lived and winds from this direction have something of a therapeutic effect, literally flushing out beachline water with open ocean water – a flush that is good for the entire system, now and again. The stir should not be enough to muck the clarity up for the weekend. The heavy rains will impact the backbay – where some black drum fishermen are still trying top find the elusive spawners. It could also impact bayside fluking, though to a lesser degree – and could even spur flatties near the inlets. Checking the far backbay creeks, it was not a very good year for the grass shrimp spawn. I have to wonder and worry that the overgrowth of snot grass – deadly when it settles in atop eelgrass beds -- was to blame. Still, I saw enough shrimp that there is no emergency. They are hugely prolific – and very cyclical, having a very short lifespan, meaning it’s impossible to read too much into a single spawn. However, they are a huge component of the upcoming – and much anticipated for some folks – summer weakfish season. Also, weakfish are not put off by a low count of shrimp when crabs are busting out (shedders) and I still think this might be a very decent blue claw summer. On to bass. I had a number of verbal reports of South End bass both beach and boat. The biggy was a Simply Bassin’ entry by Dante S. He nabbed a 42-pounder yesterday to take top spot on the leaderboard. I’ve been thinking a 40-something was about to hit the beaches. Congrats Dante. Now everyone else has to get out there and dethrone him with a 50. Not real likely this year with a slight drop in the mega-cows being caught – since last winter (NC, Virginia, etc.). Leaderboard update later today. See www.fishlbi.com. If there is a height of the spring bassing season it’s right about now – a little later than some years due to cool weather. Get out there. I’ve talked to many folks who are also getting a very late start on spring fishing (as we near summer’s start). This weekend is beckoning, helped along by the prospect of fluke, blues and weakfish in the mix. Fluking should be decentish this weekend, though anyone working deeper waters may begin to hit those big fish now moving in from further out. Minnows are available but could (likely will) run out. GULP! baits are working very well as are live spot – when gotten to the bottom quickly to avoid a blue meet-up higher in the water column. Could also be some spawned out tiderunners interested in those spot. The rules for the LBI Surf Fishing Classic are being finalized. As noted before, some very creative maneuvering by the chamber of commerce and sponsoring (weigh-in) tackle shops has saved the tourney as we know it. Any changes – beyond the $30 entry fee and minimum size increases for fish -- will be virtually unnoticeable by anglers – as shops take on a new computerized methods of doing the registrations and weigh-in themselves. Believe me, the tourney could have been changed beyond recognition if brainstorming hadn’t happened during the many tourney committee meetings. The tournament committee would like to officially welcome new weigh-in shop and Classic sponsor Oceanside Bait and Tackle: 8201 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Twp, NJ 08008, (609) 361-9800 -- http://www.oceansidebt.com. Stop by and say hey to store manager Valerie. Press release: June 6 is the early entry date for the Jersey Coast Anglers Association 15th Annual Fluke Tournament on June 13th FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: SHARON McKENNA 732-506-6565 TOM FOTE 732-270-9102 Toms River, NJ, June 3, 2009: The Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA) will be hosting its 15th annual Fluke Tournament on Saturday, June 13 with over $65,000 in port prizes plus a $10,000 grand prize and many door prizes to be presented during the Gala Awards Ceremony at the Trump Marina Hotel Casino on June 19th. There are nine ports which means nine chances to land the heaviest fluke for you and your crew. There are ten prizes available at each port with first prize at $1200 donated by JCAA and one port by Fisherman's Headquarters, for port LBI; 2nd prize is a Shimano Lucanus® jigs fished on the specially designed Shimano Tescada® rods and the New Shimano Calcutta CTE 400 Jigging special reel worth $649; third prize is $500 donated by JCAA and eight more prizes from our great sponsors, including Fisherman's Headquarters in Ship Bottom, Shimano International, Minn-Kota, Pro-line Fishing, New Jersey Angler, Nor'Easter Magazine, Interlux Paint and others. JCAA has worked hard to serve the recreational community. This event helps to fund our activities throughout the year, including a strong push for providing the "Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs" youth program throughout the state, actively engage fishing clubs (adult and youth), and fight for the right of access to our public waters. The Fluke Tournament's rules and regulations can be found at www.jcaa.org. Entry forms can be printed out as well as tee shirt and hat order forms. There are always new challenges from various interest groups that the JCAA will have to face on behalf of recreational anglers and some of these include: • To get better science for all fisheries, especially summer flounder, and fight for flexibility in fisheries management; • Stop the closing of large sections of the ocean to fishing for no scientific reasons (marine protected areas); • Keep the ocean waters clean by reducing contaminants coming into ocean and estuarine (nursery) waters; • Secure the removal of fish pots from the artificial reefs. It is the mission of the JCAA to: • Fight for and protect the rights of New Jersey's saltwater anglers; • Safeguard the environment; • Protect the recreational fishing industry and fishing access; and • Ensure the long-term sustainability of New Jersey's fisheries. Join us on June 13th. Early entry is $120 and must be received by June 6th (postmarks count). Any questions, call the JCAA office - 732-506-6565.

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