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June 27 -- More surfside hookups --


1) Oceanside B&T cleaning session:

2) Jingles B&T weigh-in 

June 27, 2012: 

The westerlies were a tad pushy today, though a goodly number of boats were out fluking this gorgeous day. Oddly, the only stellar fluke sessions I saw recorded were the following surfside hookups. 

As you know, the wicked heat is about to return. I'll note that the last scalding sky session led to a slew of emergency visits to hospital ERs. Virtually everyone of those stroke-ish patients had likely figured it would never be them who overheated to the point of near-expiration. And, yes, a couple dehydraters were boaters. 

As I drove over to the mainland today, there was this fairly astounding water color change line, toward the west side of the bay. It's rare to see the runoff waters so differentiated from the regular bay waters. The clearer, darker (tannin) brown water marked something called a freshet -- high freshwater content. They are potentially deadly to many fish larvae and also some marine vegetation.  

Crabbing is fair to good. However, it is neigh impossible to crab bayside mainland waters due to insane biting insects. I went down the always bug-atrocious Road to Nowhere (Manahawkin) to check on minnow stocks. I was instantly put upon by a Who's Who of biting insects long before I could even reach my "indicator" creeks, where I can get a low-tide read on what kind of mummichog year we're having. I frantically flipped in a few traps and bolted -- and got nailed to where I was itching like a hound as I bumped back down the road.

At The SandPaper, we're now fully in our summer mode. I get so insanely busy that I'm hard pressed to finagle free time -- though I sure try. I'm truly interested in the goings on of all y'all. Fun stuff, weird stuff, newsy stuff, everyday stuff. Let me in on the action. Per usual, I'll keep things anonymous if I must. While I'm willing to expose evil-doers (poachers) in the angling realm -- one of the more common reports I get throughout the summer -- I do no policing myself. So many emails include the words "Go check out ..." Nope. The reason is clear: When I check things out, I end up getting pissed, and when I end up getting pissed, I act out, when I act out .... you've seen the DirecTV commercials. 

In response to my hyping fishing the swash for fluke, I had an email asking about bait reel verses spinning reel when fishing near the beach. While I'm a huge believer in spinning reels being able to do anything, the way I fish the short-cast swash is best accomplished with my Shimano Calcutta bait casting reel. I can simply feel smaller things better, especially when straight retrieving or jigging.

Obviously, there's no contest when full-on jigging. Bait casting reels then rule the waves. However, the instant you reach in the bag for a plug, spinning reels fly into the lead -- though I have to admit when the need arises, I've done decently plugging heavier artificials with a light-weight bait casting reel. Until I look down and see an aggravating loop peaking out from under the neatly aligned mono. Now, you aimlessly cast out as hard as you can, hoping to loose the loop but the loop itself  shortens the throw. Now you resort to the hand-pulling the the line off the reel, walking backwards, tripping over some little kids, only to find the loop is somehow buried 200 yards down -- and the stupid kids have become hopelessly wrapped in the loosed mono and are now screaming for their off-duty-cop dad, who's hauling ass toward you convinced you're trying to drag off his beloved children and -- damn, I should have never started watching those DirecTV commercials.  



Mickey Melchiondo

Great fishing today with Dan and his buddy who drove down from Connecticut to fish with us. The guys finished with 10 keeper Fluke and 1 keeper Sea Bass (the only one we caught). We had over 100 throwbacks on undersized fluke. Great day and nice folks--Bunker is still everywhere up and down the line.





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