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July 29, 2012 -- see www.thewmit.com



Sunday, July 29, 2012: Well, it’s not the best of days for fishing. In fact, the ocean has taken on its NE face, with northeast winds between 10 and 15 – not enough to blow the beach day away but plenty enough to foil most small craft from fishing reef and wreck.
The bay potential is a lot better and the weakfish take has continued to expand. There is virtually nowhere in the bay without a quota of sparklers, including some backbay areas. Adding to the weakfish presence is the goodly number of better-sized fish. Nothing in the tiderunner class but way larger than the weaks that used to arrive at this time of years in the past.
I am getting word of folks not realizing the strict one-fish bag limit on weakfish.
I’m not the fish police but suggest simply and friendly-like letting violators know the regs. That’s all the further it should go. Take it from first-hand – sometime first-punch experience, it’s not worth a confrontation.
I’ll also advise that the undermanned Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement can’t break away from weekend duties to immediately respond to calls about an angler keeping too many weakfish.
I have been asked in the past if local police can be called in the case of flagrant violation. I’m told that police dispatchers are told to direct calls to a Fish and Wildlife numbers.
I’ve been a-beach all day, volleyballing as a way to wind down from the fun but hugely demanding White marlin tourney. I have a slew of emails and the likes to catch up on. Please bear with me as I read ‘em and respond to ‘em.
I want to add this Facebook message. I’m not sure of the exact nature but it’s sorta interesting anyway:
Only in the summer do you have to deal with cops trying to give tickets for catching cow nosed rays while life guards are down even though we are fishing where we are allowed to! Can't help it the bastards wanna run toward the guarded areas

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