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July 10, 2010 -- More swells, hot waters and victimized birds

Barred owl remains -- poison victim?

Saturday, July 10, 2010: The waves have dropped down to 3 to 5 feet, though it hasn’t dropped as quickly as I had expected. In fact, there could be some tidal push (low tide rising) when the wave size could surge. If boating near Little Egg Inlet, keep an eye open for larger sets waves.

Alert: Watch for some raging thunderstorms today. We have been so dry that super cells have not been forming in this area, however, there is a line of storms expected to fire up throughout the day that might even reach us. Keep checking Doppler.

I had a surprise couple catches last night (street ends in Surf City): Typical summer “spike” weakfish. I caught two in short order on spinners then not a touch. Maybe a foot long. Very thin but colorful. As you likely know, the species is in trouble double-deep. The key source of that “trouble” is most likely the shrimp industry, though there is also a big unknown as to why spawns are failing so miserably. It might be the lack or eelgrass beds to protect the young or, just as likely, bad chemistry, as the bay is suffering from an overabundance of nitrogen (from fertilizer and acid rain), easily severe enough to ruin the egg/sperm interaction during spawn.

Ocean water temps are approaching 80 degrees and may well reach that rare mark this weekend, as the sun continues to beat down and winds remain light, limiting any chances of upwelling cooler water. This obviously increases the likelihood of shark spottings. I keep hearing of a shark alerts but I’ve heard of virtually no major clusters (spottings), until out quite a ways.

Tuna remain in close. The canyons are on fire, right time/right place. Along with vessels like June Bug, a number of other charters were able to head in early after loading up on a variety of tunas and mahi. It’s building toward one helluva White Marlin Invitational, end off month.

SICK FINDS: I did some Pines time late today and came across some ugy-ass stuff. Near a hunting lodge right off Route 539, the Lacey stretch of that road, I came across an odd sight: a dead turkey buzzard, a.k.a. turkey vulture. Short of being quite dead, it had no damage to its body. It sure wasn’t killed by a predator. These are big birds and admittedly often hang near roads -- to feast off road-kill. However they are seldom if ever struck be vehicles. They’re too wary. Still, I had to (first) think it had been swiped by a vehicle.

I walked away from that mystery and less than ten feet away, things took on an alarming weirdness. I found signs of yet another buzzard carcass. This one was torn up but enough was left behind to indicate this buzzard had also inexplicably bitten the dust. This one had then been foraged but likely after-the-fact – the fact of inexplicably dying. Now on high alert, I looked around and saw more feathers maybe ten feet off. It was obviously the spot where another buzzard carcass had come to rest and was then consumed. I started exploring a small zone around the area of DOA birds. That’s when I came across the carcass of a once-beautiful barred owl, in white plumage. It barely had a feather out of place. It had not died naturally.

The writing was on the wall for me – and that wall was to get uglier. Crossing the nearby highway, I soon came across the scattered remains of a hawk and also some other unidentifiable feathers.

By then, I had already figured out what was up. I had seen this shit before. There was poison at deadly play. Un-disgustingly-believable.

I have no doubt I could have found more carcasses but simply didn’t want to go on – right then. I did get photos of all the DOAs I had come across. I’ll soon being going back to track more DOAs – after contacting authorities.

So where would such a ferocious poison come from way out there? Hunters. Not all hunter, mind you, just a contingent of moron hunters thinking they can poison a carcass -- or bare meat -- and kill coyote. I have a sinking feeling the moronism stems from the nearby hunting lodge, less than 100 yards from the dead birds.


July 9, 2010 - Celebrity octopus Paul, who has so far correctly predicted the outcome of all of Germany's games in the 2010 World Cup, will now also forecast the result of the final between Spain and the Netherlands.

According to reports, Paul will also predict the outcome of the third-place playoff game between Germany and Uruguay even though most German fans are angry and some have called for its killing or being thrown into the shark tank at the German aquarium in Oberhausen.

According to a report in a German newspaper, there have been a 'host of comments on Facebook, Twitter...suggesting Paul should be fried, barbecued or turned into a seafood salad or paella'.

Paul will first pick the winner of the third-place playoff game before selecting the winner for the final.

Paul's handlers will follow the routine whereby two boxes, containing his favourite food as well as the flags of the two opposing team, will be lowered into is tank. Whichever box Paul picks food from first will be adjudged the winner.

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