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Joe H. report -- rec'd Friday May 8, 09

Hey guys...fished the BH and BB surf Thursday night. Had a just short bass on clams. Relatively slow, I believe due to the high tide. Went North and went to the plugs. Quickly caught 5 stripers to 30 inches and had a long release on a MEGA weakfish (15lb range) after my JUNK Shimano reel just locked up for no apparent reason. You Shimano guys kill me! Give me a Penn any day.
Black swimming plugs were best but I had a pair on a black storm shad. Released all the fish after photos. Unfortunately, I didn't reach the weakfish before the hooks pulled. I wanted to photo her as well. Biggest weak I have seen in 20 years. It hit the black plug as well. Go get'em they are here...throw plugs.

Joe H

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