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I have to address comments about no beach badges:



I know this might be tough to compute but just imagine that I found your town attractive for some reason. I come there with some friends, park in front of your house, maybe camp out nearby – and I kinda make a royal mess. It comes with the territory – someone else’s, that is. And then I coyly expect you to pay for the cleanup.

What’s more, I like your place so much I’ve decided to come down every single day -- for months and months on end. A mess-a-day, as it were.  Also, I’ve decided to invite everyone I know to your area; and they’re going to invite everyone they know.

Now, by the thousands of thousands, we swarm your place and even though we’re kinda careful, there are so frickin’ many of us we now routinely make a totally insane mess – by the minute. Astoundingly, we expect that mess to be fully cleaned up every day and – once again – we expect you to pay the entire cleanup cost, every single penny. And we better not find so much as a dirty baby diaper when we awake in the morning or someone is going to hear about it.  

But there’s way more.

So we thousands can feel all safe and comfy in your area, we want you to hire guards, hundreds and hundreds of them. We want them out there every single day, protecting our kids, watching over us, damn-it. And, yes, we fully expect you to pay for every cent of that, too. We couldn’t care less how much it is. Hell, we’re not paying for it.

Oh, another thing: a bunch of our older kids might be parting at night and leaving trash and beer bottles all over the place, so we demand that their mess gets cleaned up before sunrise. Naturally, you can pay for that, too, dude.

Oh, lest we forget, since there’ll be so very many of us using your area, you really need to expand your police force – and definitely pick up the bill. Safety first, you know.  And, yes, cops are very expensive but we spare no cost when someone else is paying it.

But, let’s stop here and now -- just to realize this IS NOT about Long Beach Island. Remember, this is about what would happen if this befell you -- in your hometown. You’re suddenly expected to pay upwards of a million dollars a summer out of your tax pocket to cover cleaning up after me and my friends?! You’d go totally f****** ballistic!  You’d storm town hall and take no prisoners. Yet that’s what you’re suggesting we should do. WTF!?

AFTERTHOUGHT: We’re trying our hardest to get things back to normal here. And we are not the millionaires that allegedly swarm all over LBI. We are the majority of Island locals who, like much of the world, are barely making ends meet. Now, virtually all of us have damn-near insurmountable debts because of Sandy.  To even suggest saddling us with the costs of cleaning up after tourists and summerites this year is actually sorta sick.  

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Comment by jim fairless on January 18, 2013 at 8:32pm

Right On Jay! I'd like to know what Dave N. is smoking.We won't miss him much if he chooses Virginia over L.B.I. 

Comment by Steve Davis on January 18, 2013 at 9:50pm

I guess if thousands of people visited my area I would open a seasonal buisness? With that said, I would not want the Residents of LBI paying any more taxes. Speedy recovery friends on LBI.

Comment by ronk654 on January 18, 2013 at 11:15pm

So, if all beaches were free in NJ, why would folks bypass Seaside, Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Belmar and all those other happening places to come down to boring, expensive LBI? 

How about putting up signs directing visitors to the areas without those pesky sand dunes to climb? Maybe then the holdouts would get the idea that they should sign. 

We shouldn't let anyone put LBI in those best beach contests, they only encourage people to come down.

Or, put a toll booth for access to the island like they have at the entrance to Sandy Hook.

Comment by Dave Nederostek on January 18, 2013 at 11:40pm

Jay writes a compelling rebuttal here but I still disagree. Then have the state chip in. Beaches are not private lands, and if New Jersey governors yell enough about tourism, then help out the towns. Why don't Maryland, Virginia, * except for the National Parks)  Delaware ( state owned) North Carolina,( gee how far do I have to go ) and all the rest down there not soak their tourists? Tag checkers asking vacationers to hand over 5 dollar bills for the privilege of sitting there is, in my estimation, akin to panhandling. The story of the Surf City beach goer years ago, who was asked to leave because she wore her tag on her cap, is another example I'll never forget . Guess what? Few families can afford to take day trips having to fork over these ridiculous amounts, when you factor in fuel and food, which is often bought in the towns. I'm not saying there are no expenses but to everyone's benefit, the state should step in and contribute. It is in their best interests.

I still have my first tag from 1978. It cost 3.00. I didn't like paying it then, either. I stopped in 1999.

I saw that island 3 weeks after the storm, It was a disaster, much worse that I thought it would be. And, yes, I was lurking here.  I certainly don't hate the place. But why were the beaches free for so many years ? And still are in so many other locales ? I have a friend in Wildwood, who runs a breakfast joint for 20 years tell me if they vote for tags this year, the place will lose business. That is why , in past referendums, the tag issue failed.

I don't litter the beach. I recycle my stuff and take it home with me. Frankly, I don't see much trash on the beaches even at the end of the day.  It is only when the gulls swoon in, is when a mess is  made. 

You won't read many complaints like this. But there are many who simply don't go anymore. 

Millionaires don't visit Beach Haven. They stay in Loveladies and parts therein and block all access.

I realize my response to your post hit a raw nerve. But I went into auto overdrive typing it when I read it, because that is how strongly I feel about the issue. It wasn't personal.


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