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Thursday, June 23, 2016: While south winds and even some nasty T-storms were predicted for today,

Below: When you really hate a certain Chuck Mangione song.

Below: "How alpha are you feeling now lizard?" 

Thursday, June 23, 2016: While south winds and even some nasty T-storms were predicted for today, there has been a slight but significant southerly dip in the storms training along a stalled warm front sprawled east/west across the Carolinas. Serious stormage could get as close as Delaware but should leave us a fairly calm and dry, albeit overcast. There will even be some sun just to our north – for anyone wanting to motor up to get in on the Raritan Bay fluke-fest.

The LBI ocean has laid down, finally. There is a two-foot swell and as of this a.m. virtually no wind. The water temp has dipped again, mid-60s. You can feel the chill when you walk over the dunes onto the beach.

Surfcasting conditions are decent, except for somewhat turbid water. I’d rate the water clarity fair. Beach fishing pressure is very low.

I’ve gotten no recent surf fluking reports, though I have listened in on some other websites, where I see a couple real nice flatties came out of the suds. They are being taken right near the beach. I don’t know if that’s because many folks are now fishing replenished beaches, where the deeper water is in real close.

I’m going to hopefully begin getting a read on what’s being taken in recently replened beaches in prime fishing zones, like Beach Haven. Logic alone tells me that fluke should quickly move into the sudden drop-off zones, just off the beach, i.e. the swash.

Unlike bass and even blues that might stealthily follow a jig right up to the beach before attacking, fluke simply hangout right near the shore. I’ve seen better flukers – and I absolutely don’t rank among them – underhand flick baits in close, knowing where the flatties lie.

At the same time, I can make a fish behavior case for casting out past the fluke and retrieving a bait/jig into their terrain, since that’s how they’re used to ambushing prey. In fact, I think one of the reason teasers often get nailed is they’re simply first to show on the horizon, so to speak.

When fluke are on a feeding rampage, they waste no time grabbing anything that pops up. When they’re a tad less aggressive, they ho-hum a teaser but get all juicy-eyed when a big tasty-looking jig shows.

I recently got word of the first kingfish of the season being caught. I don’t want to jinx things by saying that could be a good sign … but that could be a good sign. Every once in a decade or so, we get a kingfish run that really adds fun to summer and fall surf fishing.  

I should note that it is likely best to allow the now-arrivers to spawn first. However, spawning kingfish are very prolific, if given half a chance by shrimpers. They’re not. Millions of kingfish are annually taken as DOA commercial bycatch. Just as bad is the take of Atlantic croakers.

This is a good time to put in a plug for the area’s super charter boats and headboats. If there are fish to be found, those captains will find them. Hop aboard. Bring the entire family.

Sea sickness run in the group? Even a fractional Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate) pill will make it all better – providing it’s taken ahead of time. Some easily queasy folks take one pill the night before a fishing trip and part of another pill in the a.m. It does absolutely no good waiting to first see if anyone is getting sick. Way too late, vomitously-speaking. Patches containing Dramamine-like motion-sickness drugs have become very popular. I’m not certain about those acupressure bands you wear like a wristwatch, brand names like Reliefband and Sea-Band. I have one but never tried it.

Yes, I get seasick on occasion. Weird since I spent my entire life bobbing around atop a surfboard and never once got seasick. Now, I have gotten a sick feeling when surfing in Hawaii and suddenly realizing I’m caught inside by a set of ten 20-foot waves.

I’ll do a weekend outlook tomorrow though it sure looks sweet from here. Per usual, it all comes down to the winds since the skies will be sunny and comfortably cool. 


Tony's A-1 Towing finally goes viral on the Internet ... 


Jim Hutchinson Sr.

 As the summer of 2016 formally arrives in Beach Haven, the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association continually adjust their fishing destinations based upon what is in season and what is available.

The striped bass bite in the ocean appears to be pretty much over as the water continues to warm, and the linesiders move on up the coast to New England for the summer months. The BHCFA captains left the black sea bass biting on the inshore wrecks and artificial reefs as the legal season has stopped for a period of time.

Picking up the slack in an increased bite from summer flounder, or fluke as they are more commonly called around Beach Haven. The slime grass in the bay waters has dissipated with the warmer waters, and more fluke are finding their way to bait. While most of these fish are in bay waters, an increased bite in the surf waters of Long Beach Island indicates they are in the ocean also.

The offshore waters have been producing some nice catches of sharks and tuna. There are brown, mako, and thresher sharks around, and some solid bluefin tuna have been brought back to the dock.

Captain Ray Lopez had the Waretown Fishing Club out on the “Miss Liane” for a fun filled day of fishing. With some thunder storm warnings advised, the vessel stopped at a local wreck to fill the boat. Although the fish were small, the fishermen managed to boat 5 keeper sea bass. The next day the Lathchford party boarded the “Miss Liane” looking for the last of the Striper bite. Although there was no luck with the Stripers, the sea bass saved the day on a local reef.

Additional information on the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association can be found at www.BHCFA.net.


The first of two huge sand tigers I caught last night. definitely the biggest fish I've ever caught. happy summer!

Kiss and release ... kayak-style. 



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