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HOLGATE DELAYED OPENING: While many of us were fired up – to the point of spontaneous combustion – in anticipation of this coming Saturday’s grand reopening of the Holgate beachfront (adjacent to the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge’s Wilderness Area), we got royally doused by the bitter news the reopening has been bumped to the following Saturday – if then.

Woe is I.

The setback is the result of astronomically high tides coming up and that dastardly ongoing erosion.

And it’s not like Long Beach Township is happy about it. Parker and guys have worked their asses off trying to keep our buggy access open. They’re literally fighting the ocean itself.

For the township’s part, the commission and public works will once again be meeting with DEP representatives – on-scene, at the Holgate entrance. It’s mainly an ironing out process, trying to figure what sand-moving repairs are legally allowable and/or what can be done in an erosion emergency, such as this.

While I’m hardly one to wax optimistic in such situations, I think the government is on our buggying side.

I know, via person-on-person chats with Army Corps project manger Keith W., that the Corps is always more than ready to rush in and sand-save the day — albeit after they get officially assigned and funded. He and I fully concur that there is an insane sand availability, almost beyond measure, right off the tip of Holgate. We call that area the shoals. And that whitewater zone has been problematically expanding for the past 20 years. It could use being brought down to size. 

Methinks Holgate will see a DEP-OK’ed quick-fix way before a fed-fix.

And can a fix come in time to save this fall’s fishing season? A quick-fix, maybe. 

By the by, there is now a boating sector that wants badly to see a channel form in Holgate, convinced that’s the only way to get water flowing bayside, reopening channels there. And what’s wrong with simply dredging the bay’s ICW and placing the sand on the Holgate beachfront -- allowing all segments of angling to enjoy life?

Talk about a frickin’ war: Boaters striving to get an inlet across Holgate and surfcasters wanting their God-given Holgate fishing terrain kept available. Let’s not even go there right now -- in the name of the late, great Senator Forsythe. 


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