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Here’s an appeal with heart – and knees.

It has to do with a fellow hardcore angler, Jim Gilroy. Read this – then check out “The Rest of the Story” below: 


EVENT:::: Bayberry Inn, 1302 Long Beach Island Blvd

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time12:00pm until 5:00pm


Friends of Jim Gilroy are invited to attend an event at the Bayberry Inn located on LBI in Ship Bottom NJ.

As some of you know Jim was injured this summer and is in need of knee surgery. Like many today Jim works hard but is not provided health insurance by his employers. He is struggling to work 2-3 shifts a week but even that is becoming more difficult. He needs this surgery as soon as possible.


The event will include a free buffet and entertainment by Jammin Janice. There is a cash bar and there will be a Chinese auction and other fundraising items.


Please try to attend. It will be a fun time and a nice off-season reunion for all of us LBI people. Thanks



There is actually a freakish tale regarding Jim’s injury.


First of all, Jim is a big boy -- footballish big, a former bouncer. He was always “Big Jim” around my Ship Bottom household, where he often hung out – a close friend of the family.


This year, Jim mixed it up with one of the meanest body benders anyone can contend with: kidney stones. When on the attack, hose bastardly little buggers can bring the toughest man to his knees. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the stones themselves that would bring Jim crashing to his knees.


Not long ago, during a ruthless attack from the stonehearted stones, things got so dreadful for Jim he needed a hospital assist. An ambulance was summoned. Well, an odd thing happened on the way to the ER – something that jolted even the stones themselves. The emergency response folks dropped Jim, big time. His knee took the brunt of the freefall. The damage was seriously significant. Worse yet was Jim’s lack of insurance. He needs corrective knee surgery in a bad way.


The torn-up knee has become a crushing blow to Jim’s active do-stuff lifestyle. Among his activity loses is his beloved surfcasting, which he does nearly year’ round. He’s long been part of a hardcore group of local beach anglers working the sands of south Ship Bottom. Jim has also worked at local tackle shops. 


In an effort to help set things straight for Jim’s knee, surgically, the owners of the Bayberry Inn have decided to throw the above-mentioned fundraiser. Quite cool. It’s one of those fun feel-good things.


There is an effort to gather some items for an auction. Any shops or folks willing to pitch in some auctionable items, please contact Walt Long





Obviously, donations will also work wonders. This is one of those rallies where the benefits come quickly – and Jim will be able to get back to his admirable Island lifestyle.

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