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Friday, October 23, 2009: Waves: Rapidly building to 6 to 8 feet. Water clarity: Very good; should hold its own through tomorrow with north then east winds (clean water winds), then waters will get ugly quickly if south winds kick in the way they’re forecasted.

It’s on. Blues and bass are coming out of the suds from north to south. I’m not surprised about the blues since it was very odd to see that rogue slammers yesterday. They must have been the vanguard. The blues are basically in the 10 to 12-pound range but there are surely mongo models moving in quickly. Fresh meat (bunker, herring, corncobs) are sniffing out the blues – or the other way around. The bass are showing well also. These aren’t huge fish but fun to catch – and to use to finally get on the Classic weigh-in board. Hopefully, folks have worked out the glitches with the www.lbift.com site.

Alert: Holgate is closed to buggies until further notice. Further notice could come as quickly as Sunday or as late as Monday. I’m also half wondering of this storm is duding out and could lead to a reopening tomorrow. Right now, the parking lot gate is locked. PLEASE don’t try to sneak in via the Suicide Jetty entrance. If anything were to happen to your vehicle if you sneak down the end, dollars to donuts your insurance wouldn’t cover damages since you were essentially breaking the law. Just a word to the wise.

I haven’t been sold on this storm since it was first forecasted. I know it was an a major rainmaker but I’ve been hesitant to accept the winds being forecasted. In fact, the Weather Service as of late afternoon today are already backing off a bit on wind speed forecasts and even greatly cutting back on rain amounts. No doubt the south winds will honk the way they usually do with a strong cold front on the way.

Email question: Thanks for your help to a FNG like myself. I had great fishing today, though nothing big enough fro the classic. I was wondering if an approaching storm sparks the bite in the surf the way it does with freshwater lakes.

(Yes and no. It doesn’t seem that the barometer changes matter a whole helluva lot in the surf but what does get the fish going is the first signs of s tired up sea. And there could be a barometer effect, just not like freshwater environs. Small bass are especially inclined to move into the suds very quickly, knowing that the very first stir from a storm makes for easy pickin’s. As a storm revs up, it get tougher for bass to track down any rollover items, like uncovered crabs, clams, sand eels, worms, mantis shrimp, etc. However (!), bigger lazier bass tend to be a lot slower to work on-scene during storms so that the period after things are really riled (12 hour or more into the storm) is when it gets exceedingly interesting for surfcasters looking for that 50. Bunker head time, for sure. J-mann)

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