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Friday, November 11, 2016: Another day, another skunk pelt -- for the coat it sure seems I’ll be sporting all winter.

So, how's fishing been lately, Cheetah? 

Friday, November 11, 2016: Another day, another skunk pelt -- for the coat it sure seems I’ll be sporting all winter.

Below: Yep, that's just what it looks like. 

And this is also what it sorta looks like: a fish skin outfit. 

I’ll say one thing, I got in some mega-casts when plugging today. Using a long, medium-duty surf rod as a plugging rod, I tied on a heavier TW popping plug. With a helping hand for a 20-mph west wind, I got that pretty plug way the hell out there. The problem is the fish remain a double way-the-hell-out-there distance away. Nary a swirl after 33 casts. Poor, poor pitiful me. Or is that poor, poor deplorable me? Yes, I often count my casts. 

I took a small piece of heat from someone in the business, concerned that I’ve been a tad too willing to openly write that surfcasting truly suck out there. It wasn’t a huge gripe, likely spurred on the fiscal hurting a bad fall can put on bait and tackle sales. Nonetheless, here on LBI, I’m still seeing a slew of surfcasters. Of course, I’m now seeing the exact same slew over and over. One of the more dedicated slew packs had been faithfully working the Surf City area, daily. That’s what I call dedicated fishing. I’d be ecstatic if a 50-pounder came their way. 

CLAM LET-DOWN: There was quite the blowout tide today. It was the lowest I had seen it in Holgate possibly all fall. Seeing the banks f the cut high and dry, I decided to do the long hike back to the old way-back mud flats, formerly reachable buggy. No longer. The meadow grasses have grown, more like exploded, upward. Not a prayer of blazing a trail to the back.

With virtually no fall clamming being done back there, I figured it would be crawling with clams. That theory was a stick in the mud. Where the clam count should have been rockin’, it was rock bottom; slower than where I had been scratching closer to the parking area of the back cut. My guess is those hard-to-reach grounds were likely worked over by summer tredders and rakers, hitting it at low tide by boat.  I’m not saying there’s nothing back there, just hardly worth the mud sloshing needed to walk there.

Beach buggy alert (!): The ongoing drought and blowing sand have some beaches seriously sinky – and worsening.

The worst areas I drove today – and occasionally bogged to the point of barely inching along – were south Ship Bottom into northern Brant Beach. The higher up sands at the SB/BB border are atrocious. Tire deflation needs to be as low as it can safely go. For me (Chevy) that’s upper teens. I had it low 20s today and barely made it through, straining the engine and burning up fuel.

For those who know the look, here’s a video that shows the narrowness of the SB/NB line. If you look closely, you can also make out the loose sand.


Oddly, just south of this sink-happy zone is now one of the widest stretches of beach on LBI: south Brant Beach. Look closely at this clip and notice the 125-yard wide, west-to-east, sand expanse.



Deeply saddened by the passing of an artist I knew so well. Leonard Cohen.

A poet, songwriter and philosopher who influenced me like no other artist. Today, his song, "Death Of A Ladies' Man" must sadly prevail.

For me, the day the music died.


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