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Friday Nov.; 13, 09 -- Back on the scene

Friday, November 13, 2009: Waves: Huge. Beach erosion: Horrific.

Special duties called me off the Island for a couple days. I had no email access/permission. I was monitoring the storm via various folks close to the action. I got word about Beach Haven’s ravaged beachfront. I know what Holgate will look like at the bird’s nest area. Here’s an example of many emails:

Hey Jay,

I'm wondering if you could post an update on the site (or just respond to me). How are the streets on LBI for travel? Passable? We will be arriving this evening.



(Again, sorry but duty called.)


I’ll further touch on a couple of the 80-some emails I found when I returned.

Hey Jay - Brian from garbagefish.com here. My gustometer is on the fritz and I was curious what your weather station tracked as the heaviest gust so far. Much appreciated.

Brian Lodge
(I heard of 50 mph plus. I know that’s ambiguous but the reports were unofficial at this time. Including a 59.)

In that vein: Public information statement...

...Powerful storm set's record wave height at NOAA buoy 44009...

The powerful East Coast storm continues to generate large waves
along th

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