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Friday March 27, 09 -- Horrible herring headaches

Friday, March 27, 2009
Bad news for local herring folks. First, the dredging of Mill Creek seems to be going on full stream. It won’t take long for the work to end but the aftereffects will linger, including a different chemical signature for Mill Creek -- meaning the spawning fish won’t recognize their natal creek “smell” and won’t go up it. Nevertheless, the big news about the herring is a very harsh new herring rule reducing the bag limit to just 10 fish. I assume this only means anadromous blueback herring (and closely related species) and not ocean herring – which we now allow foreign countries to buy from local commercial fishermen by the tens of thousands of pounds. Not only is that a catastrophic cut but apparently an addition to that rule would restrict any angler from having more than 10 herring in hand 9so to speak) at one time. I am not sure what this means for herring pens but the following email seems to hint even that traditional practice might go belly up.
Here’s the email I got from Jim H. about the situation.
“Hi Jay,
… I attended a writers workshop by the state on Thursday and picked up some interesting info. One upcoming proposal I think would be very interesting to you, especially if you have not heard of it. The state fish and wildlife commission is going to put forth a proposal to cut the daily bag limit of herring from 30 to 10. This would also be the possession limit. In other words, if you caught 10 today and used 5 for bait, keeping the remaining 5 in a live car, you would only be able to add another 5. The only way you could have more than 10 in your possession would be if you had a dated receipt for the herring from a state licensed dealer. This proposal will be made public in late April followed by a 60-day public comment period. After that, late summer or early fall, the Division will convene to hold hearings and take a vote on the matter. I have followed your writings for years on catching the migrating herring and felt you would be interested.
“Other proposals include banning pots from the reefs, increasing minimum size on black drum from 16-32 inches, and moving some sharks to prohibited category which I think includes brown sharks. Another proposal would be prohibiting recreational fishermen from selling their catch.”
I will follow up on all this stuff. Please begin emailing any story ideas or questions so I can get this website back up and kickin’.

Important flea market notice: The Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club is having its public flea market on April 25 and still has tables for non club members. This is a fine event and is a perfect chance to sell off the extra tackle and stuff. And we all have loads of extra stuff, this I know). If need be, buddy up with guys from your own fishing club and grab a few tables. Also, how about some of you plug carvers? Flea markets like this are a great way to get known and show off your art work. You might even get some offshore guys interested in those cool cedars you carved.
Here’s the email from Tim I. on the event:
2nd annual BHMTC Flea market Saturday 4/25 8:00 am to 12:00 pm call Tim irons to reserve a table 609 744 3230

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Comment by Ted Werner on March 30, 2009 at 3:57pm
What's up at MC was it too windy or did someone pull the plug? Zero activity this AM. T


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