Marine scientist Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is usually on board armed with two poles: one for filming the elusive predators and another for placing acoustic tags. He's joined by a small crew of researchers and by Atlantic White Shark Conservancy executive director and co-founder Cynthia Wigren.

"The ultimate goal, really, is to learn as much as we can about the species to be able to protect it and support the conservation of white sharks," said Wigren.

PHOTO: A sign in front of the library in the center of Chatham, Massachusetts proclaims Welcome to Chatham. Summer home of the Great White.
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy/Wayne Davis
A sign in front of the library in the center of Chatham, Massachusetts proclaims "Welcome to Chatham. Summer home of the Great White."
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Flying overhead are their eyes in the sky, pilot Wayne Davis. "With every shark that he sees, he's going to give us a call on the radio," said Skomal. "We're going to steam over there as quickly as we can. Once we get up to that shark ... I'll be out on the pulpit, and I'll be waiting to get close to that shark."

In front of the library in the center of town is a sign proclaiming, "Welcome to Chatham. Summer home of the great white," and Wigren said she has seen a shift in attitude.

"People are starting feel like these are our sharks," she said. Signs at the entrance to the beach alert swimmers and beachgoers about the presence of great whites, encouraging people to take the proper precautions when they're in or on the water.

Skomal said, "People aren't running away in fear. They're flocking to the beach in fascination."


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This is the lure that never made it , because the paint had a bad reaction with the finish coat I was using that time , 
Also one of my goals is to make flawless lures , no issues , nothing and the most important they must swim deadly ,

Yanni Kaloudis Holgate area
And in case you're wondering what that crowd is in the distance, someone caught a shark


Chris Blouin
Got my hands on the new northbar darters.

Looks great, same scale pattern as the bottle darter

Eyes are better looking.

Wolverine split rings and VMC 3/0 hooks front and rear.

Slight wider than the SS darter but same length.

One thing to note, is they only weigh 2oz (I weighed 3 different ones) and the packaging says 2.5oz

Haven't thrown em yet, hopefully a swim video later today.

Will have to see if they are loadable too.


Naked swimmer hospitalized after angler hooks his penis
File photo: DPA

Naked swimmer hospitalized after angler hooks his penis

Published: 26 Aug 2016 

At first the man thought he had just become tangled in some weeds, but when he looked down he noticed in horror that a fishing hook was tugging at the most sensitive part of his body, the Augsburger Allgemeine (AA) reports.

The man, who told the local paper he wished to keep his identity secret, is a regular at Augsburg’s Kaisersee, a popular bathing spot for naked swimmers.

He was doing the crawl with his head under the water when he felt the unpleasant sensation in his thighs - and only then did he notice that there was a fisherman on the shore.

After he shouted out his warning to the fisherman to hold still, he swam towards the angler's position on the bank.

It was then that he realized the extent of the problem: the hook had pierced his penis and he was unable to remove it.

Using a knife which the fisherman had on hand, he cut the hook free from the line and proceeded to cycle home with his new body piercing hanging between his legs.

Back at his house he lowered himself into his car and drove the final stretch to the hospital emergency room.

“The doctor couldn’t hide the grin from his face,” the man told the AA.

Luckily though the medic was able to remove the hook from his genitals and treat the wound. The result was nothing more serious than a swimming and shower ban for a week.

But the fisherman reportedly expressed little sympathy for the swimmer’s plight.

“He told me it’s not an official swimming lake and that it’s his right to fish here and there are signs up to prove it,” the swimmer said.

He explained that he hadn't seen the signs, but added: “From now on I’ll swim a bit further into the middle.”