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Friday, August 03, 2012: South winds have been in force throughout much of the day. It is making boat fishing tough, though I saw a lot of vessels putting in and pulling out at public docks.

A nasty T-storm was hanging just north of LBI at 5 p.m. It looks to be staying north.

I have a half a dozen reports of small brown (sandbar) sharks, some to over 50 pounds, taken from the beach. However, I’ve also gotten some legit reports of larger sharks in the mix, pushing well over 100 -- and in one break-off instance a shark was estimated to be pushing toward 200 pounds. That break-off was likely not being a brown. The state record for brown shark is 168.8 and was taken off LE Inlet in 1987.

That was when many LBI anglers used to work Beach Haven Inlet (off the Holgate tip), frequently landing 100-pound-plus browns (sandbar) sharks. 

Dusky sharks, which come right into the suds, can exceed 500 pounds. The state record dusky is 530 pounds, caught off Atlantic County in 1987.

With the increasing fishing pressure on sharks, surely a few surfcasters and boaters are going to suck in some serious models. The odds of turning anything over 150 pounds goes decidedly against the casual angler, though those in the know might be able to toy with such five- to six-footers. As to that 530-pounder …

Another angle on the heavy presence of sharks near and far, has to do with sharks savaging hookups, especially the likes of tuna and billfish. That almost always happens during the final phases of landings or when a fish is in the midst of being released. At risk are mates leaning out to secure, tag or release a fish.


FAKED BUT FUNNY: Notice no ripples at all around shark fins. 




Boaters across New Jersey will have easier access to information about best boating practices, fishing regulations and other vital and helpful facts through NJBoating.org, a new website launched by members of the New Jersey's Clean Vessel Act Program, which includes the Department of Environmental Protection.   

NJBoating.org is a comprehensive, easy- to-use, interactive website that links visitors to a wealth of New Jersey boating information. The site contains extensive information about the New Jersey CVA Program, including pumpout station locations -- contact information, water depth at pumpout sites and GPS coordinates -- as well as additional information to assist boaters, such as locations and availability of public boat ramps, best boating practices and state fishing regulations.

It is consistent with Governor Christie's Comprehensive 10-Point Plan to restore Barnegat Bay, which includes by a major initiative to encourage green boating practices - an effort that also is applicable to waters statewide.

"Boaters will find it easier than ever to help protect New Jersey's environment and natural resources by using NJBoating.org to find a pumpout facility whenever they venture out for a day of fishing or pleasure boating in the Garden State,'' said Dave Chanda, Director of the DEP's Division of Fish and Wildlife. "Improperly disposed vessel-generated sewage can impact public health and wildlife, negatively affecting water quality and leading to potential closures of beaches and shellfish beds.''  

The website was designed by the Rutgers University Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, in coordination with the Clean Vessel Act Steering Committee, which includes the DEP, Marine Trades Association of New Jersey, Monmouth County Health Department, New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, Ocean County Planning Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.           

"The Clean Vessel Act Committee recognized the potential of web technology and mobile communication for recreational boating, and saw real value in a website that could provide boaters with on-the-spot and up-to-date information about boating related resources," said Mike Danko, chairman of the New Jersey Clean Vessel Act Program Steering Committee and Assistant Director for the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium Extension Program. "This website will make it easier for boaters to find pumpout station locations, as well as other amenities to make their time on the water even more enjoyable."

The Clean Vessel Act was passed by Congress in 1992 and provides funds for the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of sewage pumpout stations and dump stations for recreational boats, as well as information and education programs that encourage boaters to use pumpout facilities. More than 250 marina pumpout stations and eight pumpout boats in New Jersey waters have been funded since the program's inception. As a result, millions of gallons of sewage have been removed from boats and treated safely.

About 75 percent of funding for the CVA program is provided through the federal Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, which is derived from excise taxes on fishing equipment, motorboat and small engine fuels, plus import duties and interest on the fund. Matching funds are provided from New Jersey's "Shore to Please" license plate sales.  

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium is an affiliation of colleges, universities and other groups dedicated to advancing knowledge and stewardship of New Jersey's marine and coastal environment.  NJSGC meets its mission through its innovative research, education and outreach programs. 

To access the new boating website visit: www.NJBoating.org

To read the State Police Boating Safety Manual, visit:

To access the green boating component of Governor's Christie's Comprehensive 10-Point Barnegat Bay Plan, visit: http://www.nj.gov/dep/barnegatbay/plan-watercraft.htm

For more information about NJSGC, visit www.njseagrant.org.
Please circulate this notice to others who may be interested.

If this Barnegat Bay Action Update - Special Announcement was forwarded to you, please go tohttp://www.nj.gov/dep/barnegatbay/subscribe.htm to subscribe directly. 

To learn more about Governor Christie's Action Plan for Barnegat Bay, visit 
http://www.nj.gov/dep/barnegatbay/ . 

If you have questions about the Action Plan, please email DEPbarnegatbayinfo@dep.state.nj.us . 

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