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Friday, November 25, 2011: I’m in the Outback for the remainder of the day. Yesterday, I did what has become a Thanksgiving tradition journey to the Columbus Farmer’s Auction, Rte. 206, to take in its massive outdoor flea market, one of the largest glorified junk sales in the state.


I bring that up to note there was an unusually large load of saltwater fishing stuff mixed in among used shoes and allegedly valuable minutiae. The bad part was in just a year’s time it seems sellers are catching on to the escalating demand for used fishing gear. There were still some kick-ass angling-stuff bargains but those “filled” tackle boxes that I was nabbing for $20 a pop in the past were now marked at $75 and way higher. Per usual, a number of those tackle boxes had upwards of two dozen fairly nice plugs -- and, as always, the obligatory ten pounds of assorted sinkers all but rotting on the bottom. At lfea markets, the majority of tackle box contents are used to very-used items -- with some real “finds” often mixed in. No 02 Red Fins this day.


I made a power move on a two tackle box lot (both older Planos) containing strictly saltwater artificials and also some packaged rigs/tackle, fluking stuff mianly. The seller eased way down to $125 for both. I went way beyond my fiscal comfort zone by counter offering $100. And I think I would have won the day but doesn’t some hyper-bellied passerby dork in a bowling shirt (it was freezing) slobber out, “I’ll give you the $125.”


Hey, I realize that’s the name of the flea market game and I sure wasn’t going to go a penny over my counter-offered $100 but there is a very unspoken rule that you, as a classy buyer, need to wait until ongoing negotiations between others are completed before you step in to start your own talks. Mister bowling ball with legs broke accepted protocol – and won. The buyer saw me later, called me over and pulled out a super tackle box of goodies he had stored in his truck. He offered it at a true bargain price. I think he felt sheepish. The box was amazingly packed. Unfortunately, it was all very strictly freshwater stuff. I thanked him for showing me and we both felt a lot better. Of course, I kept steamily thinking about all the plugs in the two tackle boxes I missed – likely mentally adding far more than was actually inside them. It’s all a game.


As for fishing, either folks aren’t getting much or the holidays were more of a fishing deterrent than I had expected. Today, the west winds have conditions looking quite decent. However, before I headed inland I only had reports of a couple/few small to just-keeper bass on clams. I did get some togging reports but I think it’s best if you check the likes of headboat website reports for what’s what in that realm. 


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