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Fri. Nov. 18, 2011: 

Holgate is open again.  Our good buddy Mr. Parker has personally worked at getting a drive-on -- again. It looks like we'll be able to drive it through the weekend then a bad moon rises. It won't be one of those king tide ass-pains but it will be high enough to slap around the new drive-on point. I'm purposely not calling it an "access road" because that's way too presumptuous. You can access the end throughout the tides -- at least you could today. It's always hugely "Let the driver beware." 

DAY'S RUNDOWN: Now that's more like it. Not only brisk bassing but the feel of fall size. Four cows between 26 and 39 pounds hit the Classic scales today. Dozens and dozens of other weigh-ins joined in on the fun.

I did some beach stops before hitting the Pines to track some prime deer for some Pennsylvania patrons. I chatted with two non-tourneyites who each had a take-home bass -- to 18 pounds. They were talking about some nearby casters nabbing some better bass. 

Now hear this: PLUGS ARE WORKING!!! I got word from Margaret that some pluggers are banging the heck out of striper to the point they're picking and choosing which fish they might enter into the tourney. It also a case of picking the right window of plugging opportunity.  It sure seems when the bait isn't working the plugs take over. Among successful artificials (other than plugs) are Sassies, Fin-S and plastic eels. Large RatLtraps are a great option. 

I can't imagine tomorrow being anything less than jam-packed with anglers, boat and beach.  I had three calls from off-Islanders asking where things were hottest. I hinted south but heard tales of the north lighting up. Then there's mid-Island, especially between north North Beach and south Brant Beach. By the by, Brant Beach is being converged upon by boats from north south and in-between. 

Now I have to backtrack long enough to note that I got a couple growl reports from hardcore casters -- one in Brant Beach, where some fine fish have shown -- saying they've been royally skunked. I hear ya. Been there, done that. But there's no denying the scales. Fish are coming in nonstop. Remember, along with loads of Classic fish, everyday weigh-ins are also showing at the shops, proving the catching is pretty damn fair -- overall. And it's not just prattle when the photo boards are covered with proof apparent. 

By the by, as committee member with the Classic, I get immediate emails (called faxes in this case) with the immediate details of weigh-ins -- as shops fax in the info.  I simply haven't the time to transfer that steadily-arriving info onto my blogs but it sure gives me a great read on what's what when I do have time to go on-line. I want to note that Fisherman's HDQ has been transferring the data onto its website in a timely manner. Very helpful to anglers. Also, you can get info at   http://www.visitlbiregion.com/fish. Go to date, click the down arrow and see what's happening today.

How about that non-tourney 42.12 taken by John Bouncouro!!!??????

Check out the details at http://www.jinglesbaitandtackle.com/fishing_report. How many times have we heard of surfcasters coming that close to first signing up for the Classic but not doing it and them, within nothing flat, they land a massive fish? I can count ten times in the last ten years, I swear. Still two long and wild weeks to go in the Classic. Don't land a $1,000 fish and only have a shop hoot to show for it. 




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