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Fri. Jan. 6, 2011:  Warm air has moved in and goodly number of fishing folks have launched into a new year, trying the beach and boat. Here's a B-Barn report forwarded to me:  *** "On Friday Renegade hosted another open boat jigging only trip for Trophy bass. Pushed back our departure time based on the latest and greatest intel and after yesterday's dismisal trip. 

"Well all I can say it was the turn around of all time, simpy text book. Called Capt Mike on the big Gambler to give him the latest intel since he was already out and in search mode. Started looking out side MI when Capt. Mike called and said get down here asap it's ON, couldn't spool the turbines up quick enough, arrived within minutes to an all out herring and bass blitz that lasted for hours. Big Thank You to Capt. Mike and crew for checking out the new real estate and finding the blitz(s).

"As good as it gets, Art the Clamman quickly nearly limited the boat out single handedly boating bass to 40 pounds. We kept 10 and released 60++ more fish and left them biting. All Trophy bass were released! To yesterday's crew I am sorry and wish we had 1/4 of what we had today for you. We passed over two more all out blitzs on the way in with not a boat on sight.

"We will be running open boat all week with availability starting Tuesday on. With the mild weather for another week not sure if we will ever "winterize" this year. To reserve an open boat or charter please call 732-718-8339. Trip times my vary depending on tide and bite patterns, we try our best to get you guys on the fish and every day is different. SOmetimes we follow these fish 8 miles in 2 hours, heading both north and south. This fish are on the move constantly." ***

Look for weird warm air to hit tomorrow. I still see it getting near 60. Then we'll see a dip in temps by Sunday but we could be toying with 50-degree highs all through the coming week. WTF? I know I predicted some of this via La Nina but this is even milder than I expected. Will the bass hang around? Obviously some captains think so. 


[Associated Press] - January 6, 2012 : 

EASTON, Md., Watermen and lawmakers on the Eastern Shore are asking state natural resources officials to ease tougher striped bass harvest regulations.

The harvest quota was cut 5 percent after illegal nets were found last year with tons of striped bass. The president of the Chesapeake Bay Commercial Fisherman's Association and state lawmakers sent the letter last month to Natural Resources Secretary John Griffin asking him to restore the full catch quota.

Tom O'Connell, the director of the DNR fisheries service, told The Star Democrat of Easton that the new quota will remain in place this year, but could change in the future based on industry behavior. 

Association president Gibby Dean says watermen support stiffer penalties for violators, but don't want to pay for the actions of a few.


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