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Jaymann - First off thanks for the great site - I thoroughly enjoy your blog, particularly the stuff on the Pine Barrens (a true American Treasure indeed). So, yesterday I took my 11yo son to the Dike (sp?) and had a great day wading and catching flatties. After fishing we went exploring and came across the strangest fish - It was a juvenile of some species about 1 1/2 inches long, Red with a clear tail and the dorsal fins had blue and orangish type spots - it was just hanging near the waters edge and my son scooped it up and snapped a few pics with his Ipod (we went all the back to the car to get the Ipod and the fish was still in the same location) - Well, the first person I though of to ID the fish was you - So we came home I went out to the pool to ask my son where his Ipod was so I could post the pic for you - Well, lets just say 11 year olds aren't always thinking and we were both, uh surprised when he gave me look and proceeded to pull his wet Ipod out of  his swimming suit. Needless to say I think it's toast. Anyways, we are still very interested in identifying this tropical looking creature swimming in our local waters. Any idea what it could have been? The body on it similar to a panfish with a less pronounced nose. Hopefully you can help us out and again thanks for the great site.


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