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Coyote video re-posting on request. YouTube snafu fixed. Thanx.

The following video shows an example of coyote tracks, found at a local quarry. It is a very large coyote taking strangely long steps, likely running, though the tracks are so finely defined they don't indicate that. 

How can one tell they're coyote tracks and not those of a dog?

Simply check the distance between each paw track. A coyote’s stepping distance is roughly 18 to 20 inches between. A similarly-sized domesticated dog’s stepping distance is only 6 to 10 inches.

This particular coyote had up to 30 inches between paw marks! You can see it. Again, very weird.

Also assuring this is a coyote is the way it is essentially walking in its own tracks, aligning in a way similar to (oddly enough) models walking on a runway – one step almost exactly in-line with the last.  

A coyote “trail” is comprised of an almost straight line of tracks, easily seen in the video. Strategically, this gait minimizes the odor signature of the wild canine and limits the evidence of its presence.  A pet dog’s tracks are, by comparison, staggered (nonaligned);leaving  a much wider gait and erratic trail.

More often than not, coyote tracks show the animal’s back legs stepping in the paw prints from its front legs, as in the above photo. This leaves a double imprint per track, like a double-exposure.

This coyote’s tracks in the video get odder the more you study them. Try to envision how it is stepping. You can almost picture it walking on its hind legs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URu0cyMRg-w&feature=youtu.be


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