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Tuesday, May 29, 2012:

The big bass news is the quantum leap within the 2012 Simply Bassin’ leaderboard.

Mark McAuliff hauled in 45/5 cow, taken in the Holgate area (non-refuge zone).

The oddity (for me) was the mega-bass went for clams. I’ve never been big on clams as a trophy-fish attractant but Mark stuck to his bait guns and after landing and releasing an estimated 25-pounder earlier in the day went Wowsville with his largest bass ever. His wife was on hand for the action.

It was weighed in at Jingles, where he’s a regular.

That puts the Milford, NJ, angler is a commanding lead in the tourney – and the running for top prize money.

As for those who might feel the bar-raising fish could nullify their chances, we’ve had years in this event when 40-pounders were norms. Get crackin’. This proves that key fish are in the suds.

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