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August 14, 2012: Whirlie to the south; glowing sandcrabs; concerns over undersized fluke; Graham family outing



Tuesday, August 14, 2012: Decent fishing conditions for a good chunk of the day, though pressure was kinda light.


A fizzling line of once-nasty T-storms led to a waterspout in Brigantine. But, short of some localized rain – virtually none in Ship Bottom – we saw squat, excitement-wise. I only measured a trace while AC had over and inch.


Headboats are hitting slammer blues out quite a ways. That was a huge fishery in years past, then it went a bit quiet. We always marveled over the way that oft-massive so-called offshore stock of truly massive bluefish never mixed – or seemingly associated with – the nearshore bluefish biomass. In fact, there were years where literally miles and miles of big blues were offshore and we couldn’t buy weigh-ins for the LBI Surf Fishing Classic.


 "Colby your not dreaming it was a good day fishing! Good Job!!!!"  Michele C. 


While I haven't had as much luck as some surfcasting flukers, I'm told that there are folks maxing out in the suds. Of course, I only use plastic. 


I really have to pass on this email. It's sincere but I steer clear of personal involvement -- for reasons stated within this communique: 

Hi Jay hope all is well, I wanted to bring up something you may have blogged about but it is bothering the hell out of me. The fluke fishing along the beach has been amazing this summer. Given that, every Tom, Dick and Harry is out fishing, which is great but I am seeing numerous amounts of short fluke being taken. I am constantly seeing short fish being swiftly stuffed into coolers or buckets without even thinking about putting a tape measure to them, I'm not talking about 16"-17" fish here but small ones that you could easily see as being short. Almost every one these illegal takes has been by out of towners with no regard for fishing laws and limits. 
I approached a man who landed a very nice fluke as I came in from surfing and it was quickly whisked into a cooler by the mans wife. I approached them and asked if they put a tape measure to it and the woman got in my face saying with her awesome NY accent "are you the police?" so I said "I could be if you want me to". I then explained the size limit and the need to have a saltwater fishing license which seemed unbelievable to her. Her husband was quite understanding and said he threw a bunch of small fish back before he picked up the bigger one which in fact was a keeper, I congratulated him and moved on. That one was a good fish but I have seen a lot of short fish being taken but minded my own business. The general do WTF you want attitude around here and the keeping of short fish piss me off to no end. It really bothers the hell out of me when I take every step to abide by the limits and laws of our fishery while others just don't give a shit. Rant over.
How do you approach these people? I try to educate them but sometimes it leads to an altercation. I don't want to rat people out but I'd love to see a Fish and Wildlife person from time to time laying down the law.


(Look closely at this picture from http://exit63.wordpress.com/ -- This is one of the night-glow sandcrabs. Even the legs and antennae show bioluminescence. Weird and wondeful. Below is read from "Reading From the North Side.")

Last night’s Perseid Meteor Shower was fantastic. For the past several seasons, we’ve been out-clouded, out-rained, or out-mooned and lost the rare once a summer opportunity to load up on enough shooting stars to last the year. Last night we had about as perfect conditions as you could imagine with warm air, pleasant winds, low tides, clear skies, and pitch blackness. We saw tons of these apple-seed-sized meteors and a couple real jaw droppers streak across the sky.

But the real excitement came when we found some of the almost mythological glow-in-the-dark Mole Crabs (street name: Sand Crabs). I’ve been hunting for these ever since Jay Mann mentioned them in a post earlier this summer. We got ‘em. These are your garden variety mole crabs… they glow because of luminescent bacteria that they’re carrying.


Pic of the Day: 

The Graham Family was out on the Garden State South on Sunday, fishing on Sweet Marlyn,  fishing the BHMTC mens, womens and intermediate inshore tournament.  We found a sweet honey hole of flounder.  We had a few throw backs and 15 keepers before we decided to wreck fish.  Our catch tally for the day was 15 fluke, 6 sea bass, 2 triggerfish, 1 small blue and a herring.    Vikki, Brendan and Marlyn took 1st place.  Brendan A. took 2nd place fluke.  In addition, we all placed for the sea bass division.  Vikki 1st, Brendan 2nd, Marlyn 2nd, and Brendan A. 3rd.  We had an awesome day fishing with the family.  The best in years.


Vikki fluke 5.72lbs

Brendan Fluke  6.02

Marlyn(15) fluke  5.12

Brendan A (14)Fluke 3.42


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