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Tuesday, April 03, 2012: Gorgeous day. And I’m getting quite a few more interesting fishing tales leaking in.


How about those monster baitfish schools of herring, bunker and (Ready for this?) Boston macks, not that far off LBI.


There were bass on below the bait, along with high-diving ocean birds, including gannets, a super rare sight in spring. I have no word on exact locales. Make that, I can offer no exact locales. By the by, the baitballs has big bass below them, meaning they were not the typical April showing of slow and timid river-outers. These seem to be the Delmarva overwintering stock, arguable the largest collection of trophy bass on the planet. I didn’t get word on how bassers did down NC this past winter.


As for those Boston macks being so close to shore, I’ll bet anything they’re breakaways from larger schools way out at sea. The big bluefish came north early this year – some medium-sized blues are now in Little Egg Harbor. Big blues are lethally adept at separating entire shoals of fish from the main schools. In a matter of hours, they can drive terrified, fast-tailed macks clear onto the beach. When the surviving macks escape, they’ll buddy up with nearby herring and even bunker, as a survival mechanism. I say this so folks don’t think mack schools are just a quick zip out from the inlets –as they had been decades back. As for fishing macks in those near-in baitballs, I’m guessing they’re too spooked to be overly interested in mackerel rigs.


The bluefish in the bay are large for this early. Think in terms of LE Inlet areas and particularly, the shallows in the Middle Grounds. Surface plugs shine late in the day, though metals allow larger boats to stay in deeper channel waters and cast far onto the flats.


I hate thinking those blues might soon be at the bridges. Weakfish won’t hang there.


A massive showing of dolphin may be in the area. Hi Jay,
I visited in Avalon this weekend.  On Friday 30 March, around 3-4 PM, I walked up the short boardwalk from 32nd to 21st Street, a distance of a half mile. 
There was a "train" of dolphins moving north just beyond the breakers, some as close to the beach as 100 yards or even less. I would estimate they were moving about three mph.  Some were jumping completely out of the water.  I don't think I have ever seen that before.  My walk probably took 15-20 minutes and I sure wished I had brought my binoculars.  The "train" I saw had to be at least a half mile long, and I could not see a beginning or end.  I would say I saw about three hundred of them.   About 20% of them were traveling in pairs, like a cow and calf. 
I realize if this info is of any value it would have been more so on Friday so the school could have been observed at LBI the next day or so.

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