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Friday, July 09, 2010: Advisory: A very significant long-period groundswell has jumped out, pretty much out of nowhere. It the result of a low of Carolina and a powerful high pressure off new England. There are waves in the 4- to 6-foot range with larger sets and the possibility of the waves building throughout the day.

Boaters around Beach Haven Inlet have the most to be concerned about. Where lake-like conditions in recent days allowed for sneak outs, they’ll be far more likely to now see sneaker sets, pushing 7 to 8 feet on the shoals – which break larger than beachline waves. I can just about guarantee some sort of boat mishap today, due to those shoal conditions. It is also Dramamine conditions for some family members going out into the open ocean today. Offshore-bound vessels will obviously hit the large swells but the wind chop out of the east will be more problematic nearshore but becoming less pronounced out a ways.

It is very rare for swells to come up this quickly on the East Coast. Even surfcasters have to take the waves – and associated rip currents into mind.

With water temps in the low to even mid 70s, it’s gonna be a nightmare for lifeguards, as beachgoers accustomed to those nearly flat conditions of late will be diving in as if all is gentle out there. No, beachgoers don’t always visually register a quantum change in ocean conditions. More problematic: The massive weekend beach crowd will be arriving throughout today and into tomorrow.

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