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Thursday, September 24, 2009: Waves: 3 foot swell. Water clarity: Good.

A bit of a burst of mullet. Nothing near where it should be. Still, maybe things will pick up and the bassing will follow suit.

Bluefish are the main bite, all small fish.

Kingfishing very hit or miss – though hitting usually means you’re on fish for quite some time.

Boating and buggy alert: If you’re plying the waters around Little Egg and Beach Haven inlets be alert to loads of floating debris from the break-up of that sailboat last week. Some pieces are large enough to do some damage. Buggyists beware of the same debris that has washed up on the beach. There are loads of screws and exposed nails in pieces of wooden material. If you happen upon personal effects belonging to the owners of that destroyed vessel, please keep in mind they lost everything. Returning valuables is very good karma.

NOTE: If you see a copy of The Sandpaper you’ll see a picture I took of a boat being hauled off a shoal near the Holgate Rip. In the caption I misidentified the boat as Star Fish. It is apparently the Sea Horse out of Tuckerton. The problem arose from the blow-up of the photo – which I didn’t see first-hand. All I saw a note on the small print-out saying it was Star Fish. Sorry, Captain Vic and those who pilot the Star Fish.


Joe H. catch-up report:


Sorry the reports have been slow, but I just got back from Hatteras Island just before last weekend. I left for NC before Labor Day and I spent most of the month there. Surf was excellent and fishing was pretty good as well. Just read your blog today about the missing mullet. I know where they are located....NC. Last Monday as I stood in the crystal clear 84* surf in Frisco, I watched schools of mullet of epic proportions moving south. Most were 50 feet wide and were literally miles long. I kept watching the time and they would take as long as 20 minutes for a school to pass. Then the next one would start and another 20 minutes would pass. I had to see a hundred million mullet in the span of 5 days. The run was dead before Labor Day when we arrived but then it kicked in full gear, being one of the best the locals have seen in a while. So they are still around.
With all the bait in the area it drew in some game fish as you would think. We had a predominant NE wind for 4 days or so, and that pushed the Gulf Stream closer to the beach. This was evident as we had a run of False Albacore and even a few blackfin tuna from The Point and the Frisco beaches. Crazy. I got hooked up with a fish that nearly spooled me in the Frisco surf that I thought was a big Albie. A local guy that showed up to investigate the large splashes in the bait said it was most likely a blackfin tuna. I'm thinking yeah right! I've only caught blackfin offshore in the Fla. Keys. Well he tosses a small metal into the bait fray and wham, he nails a 20 lb. blackfin. Not long after I got a smaller one at 15lbs. I also got spooled completely on two other occasions in the next three days.
When the tuna weren't in the wash and the weather was colder and rainy I caught a few red drum, over and under the slot limit. There were a good number of bluefish and fluke in the surf as well. All in all a good trip.
This past weekend I finally got back to Holgate and found awesome fishing for the kingfish and croakers. Probably caught over a hundred fish in two days. I would of done better with the kings, but I think the bottom was just paved with the croakers. I was using a three hook rig catching them three at a time. I did keep about 15 for a fish fry. Cooked a bunch in the round as well....very good.
Fish were thick in "Town" as well. Had fish instantly as I moved from the Holgate area to look for other species. I hit the bay side at night and had all the sea herring and bluefish you wanted on jigs. Interestingly, I had a bunch of 24"+ weakfish in the area as well, but I couldn't get them to bite. Tried every trick I knew, but they would come up and bump the jig out of the way as if they were toying with it. Live peanut bunker didn't work either. Can't wait to get back to it over the weekend. I'm busy inland catching up with work.
Offshore I had a buddy hit the Poormans Canyon early in the week for a great catch of wahoo from 45 to 65lb. They had 4 and also a pair of white marlin...one pushing 100lbs! I saw the pics and wouldn't of believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. They rounded the catch with a few just legal yellowfin and a mahi or two.
See you out on Holgate,
Joe H”


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