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A few more back-when pics ... and some newer back-whens

Below: Like me, you likely got this photo wrong at first glance, thinking it was the March Storm stranding of a military vessel. Nope. This boat is much smaller and went hard aground before '62. 


Not sure I accept the "weakfish" angle. It looks a lot more like a hunt for channel bass. 

Below: The "New Inlet" was just south of the current Holgate parking lot. It gave the name to Beach Haven Inlet, the community.  

This doctor was also a photographer. I purchased many of his photos. 


Below: Confusing, since I know that building was around into the Seventies (?). Maybe some sort of renovation is being done in this much older pic.  

Below: Back when, folks were far more discreet when setting up their umbrellas for the day. No impinging on fellow beachgoers. 


I recall excitement (slowly) building over the new "Causeway," as we drove by ... and looked over. Now where the hell is the channel going to go? 

It's cool to see those famous aluminum rails that I would lean over to watch the bay ... until not all that long ago ... 


Thinking this is the old Beach Haven Library. Can't tell, though photo says "Lib." on the back ...  

Below: Far ago ... To a collector, that telescope is beyond cool! To antique clothing folks ... 


Looks ever so familiar ... 


When BH's brick schoolhouse could not longer handle the burgeoning LBI kid population ... 


Old SB records are gone or I might have found out the name of the dog that went with this tag I dug ... 

This is not LBI but shows how far back beach badges went. Oddly, I dug it on LBI ... 


Not sure why this was in among "Long Beach Island" photos. Maybe this was a group of day-hoppers. 


Frustrating: All this photo had written on it was 
"Barnegat Light." Not a single name on it ... or on three other related shots. I swear they remind me of someone.   


Ingenious duckboat ... No birds are afraid of submarines ... 


On paper: 




See if you can read this ... 

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