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Afew more classic pics of olden LBI

Above: That sure looks like one jumbo kingfish this fall angler has showily landed. The rod bend and the strained facial expression on the angler's face --  unknown soul,  late 1930s to early 1940s -- also hints of some showmanship on the part of the angler and maybe even the fish. I think I recognize that wave in the background ...

These are some of the Island's good old boys. While I'd like to assign this shot as the early days of the Striped Bass Derby, the format of this negative (medium) dates it way earlier. The photographer may be standing with his back to the ocean, otherwise I can't figure the perspective of the photo, taking in the lay of the land in the background -- with telephone poles stretching to the anglers' left. Anyone recognize the anglers or any landmark indicators? Below: A visiting team. Snazzy chestwaders.

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