Daily Fishing and Outdoor Report

A compendium of looks from those daring days of life on the spit --

While any photo of you is in the past, some are paster than other ... 

Below: I was doing a sunrise surf session at Wooden Jetty but just had to stop and grab this seemingly serene shot. Oh, it was serene enough for the angler but that surf was in board-breaking form, much bigger than this pic shows. 


This washed up sturgeon, the first I had ever seen, will always stick in my mind for its uniqueness but far more so for the fact I was among the last people on the Island with the first of Sandy's major winds starting to gust when I was called about it -- lying in the sand right at the end of my office street in Surf City. By the by, there had already been a few days of northeast winds before Sandy even hit, meaning the bay had a head start on flooding. 


Big fish for the back-in-the-day boys. Is that Scotty? No way


I'm not sure why this simple photo is so dang nostalgic


When you think you're having a bad day ... 

Though near by ... 


Nobody could have ever foreseen where this would go ... I'm speaking computer-wise. I have no idea who the couple is. 


Why did we ever stop these marvelous events??!! 

And where have all the jail-a-thons gone, long time passing? 

All that fun as I slaved away as a "Mexican" cook ... 


Ed A. ... long before his recent retirement from the US Postal Service  ... Name the others ... 


Bruce and Pat ... and, uh, Bob 

And isn't that Marion?? 


Ken Gallant and Don Meyers (can it be?) keeping LBTBP in proper working order ... 


We were Boy Scouts then ... 


An unworthy end to what would become an all-time classic bug ... not this one, mind you. Nobody was hurt, as I recall. 


On the Holgate back-when scene: Guesses welcome on these goings on. I can't quite recall.  


A jetty in the making ... duly impressive ... 

Built with the politico help of ...

And very appreciated by the likes of Capt. Mike ... 


As work continues on the Causeway, it's certain no ceremonious finale will follow, as was the case way back when.  


Would go for a cool $750,000 today ... 


Calling in a sick dolphin, possibly OFC Potter ... with Bob S. just starting up his Marine Mammal Stranding Center


Always ready with a stick salute((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

In fond memory of ... 


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Comment by Dave Nederostek on June 23, 2022 at 9:19pm
Boy that gal in the phone booth looks like someone I used to know. I wonder if it’s her.


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