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Sunday, October 28, 2012: Kinda quietish, though the first heavier rain bands have arrived (5:15)

Jay Mann
Sunday, October 28, 2012:
I guess this is the relative calm before the storm. With the bewitching evacuation hour (4 pm) now past, the roads are quiet, though not eerily so.

The toughest go has been trying to find java or colder energy drinks.

I ran into a couple guys who had to cruise all the way up to the Ship Bottom 7-11 for even the minorist incidentals. And they just made it.

Talking with the 7-11 owners, they’re afraid to stay open much longer (4:30) because they were told by the police that folks will NOT be allowed to even leave the Island after 4.

That struck me as a tad cruel so I called LBTPD and was told that’s potentially true. Any time after 4 pm, the police can deem it too unsafe to try to cross the Causeway bridges heading west.

I’m thinking – but dare not say it out loud – the last thing PDs want is to force people to stay ON the frickin’ Island! Still, the option to do so falls under the extended powers given authorities under emergency circumstances. If winds kick it up to 70 mph, it’s a no-go for zipping off the Island.

I even checked on the advisability of keeping the 7-11 open as a public service for emergency personnel but was told by the PD that coffee-ing and feeding of all must-stay folks has already been taken care of. Hmmm.

By the by, many/most ambulances have actually gone off-Island as a precautionary measure. It will, indeed be tough to hale an ambulance. Here’s an excerpt from an FB thread: “ … first responders will NOT respond, at least from Ship Bottom south. Our orders are that we will respond IF POSSIBLE, only to Emergency Personnel. Aside from that all of our ambulances will be taken to the mainland. We will have only one 4WD response vehicle in each division. We are a very dedicated group, but it is a MANDATORY evacuation! Why should we risk our lives for people that think it brave , or romantic, or whatever to stay here. Believe me. if I had a choice I would be GONE. That is the truth about what will be happening, Jay.”
Thanks for that info, Jim.


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