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  Early Classic weigh-in:   (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))  VIDEO NOTE: My GoPro has gone goofy on me. It’s fully down. And I’ve missed some stellar scene…


Early Classic weigh-in:



VIDEO NOTE: My GoPro has gone goofy on me. It’s fully down. And I’ve missed some stellar scenes, including one of the most astounding showing of cormorants I’ve ever seen and even the second yell-fest at Holgate’s back cut. Considering I publish my YouTubes for a very restricted group of viewers, I’m sorta shocked that one has over 300 views. It’s not viral but it’s got a little cough of interest going.

I’m working to get my GoPro working via a warranty wailing session  – and maybe use any website donations to put toward a refurbished Canon handheld HD camcorder. That delicate-ish device would be used for more, well, controlled environments. I have to remember it just can’t go where GoPros tread. It’ll take a superhuman effort on my part to prevent the refurbished Canon from needing a re-refurbishing. 


Later … Monday, October 08, 2012: Hit Holgate to a breezy, chilly, cloudy atmosphere that warmed quickly when I ran into Chris Moore and his –just-caught 18-14 Classic striper. Per Jingles: “When I signed Chris up in the Classic this afternoon I asked him if he was okay with the 911 number and he said no problem. Maybe it was a lucky # for him cause here he is with his 18-14 Classic fish.”

The fish was not taken anywhere rare and exotic. It was taken as high tide dropped, near the Rip, where just about everyone frequents. In other words, I’m sure not “burning” a site. Bunker was the bait.

I was interested in the way a massive flock of diving cormorant was moving west, through the Rip, right around hook-up time. Mark J watched the bird action and related it to a huge showing of bunker beneath, also moving (being chased) through the inlet. Here’s a photo of just a small part of the somewhat odd massing of cormorant.


I worked the Rip area with plugs, along with Scotty and Kurt, and only riled the same-old blues. Then toward dark, I netted a spot and live-lined it using my plugging rod – hardly live-lining gear. Within minutes, I had a powerful pickup. No bluefish headshakes, just a straight run into deeper water. I was rapidly feeding out line and was just getting ready to lay into the running fish when I felt that subtle “pop.” Whatever it was, it had adroitly pulled the spot off. I’m usually one to downplay such things but this time I’ll bet an 02 Redfin that it was a bass, which go wild on spot. Damn if I could net another spot. I went into the chilly darkness throwing a plugs to no avail, bass or otherwise.


It's that time of year when I ultra-humbly seek donations to keep this website fine and afloat for another (coming) year.

I faithfully put all donations back into equipment and site essentials, which include network costs and (this year) a laptop computer, from which many blogs are now written -- on-scene.   

I realize the economy isn't stellar so any and all donations are doubly appreciated. (((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))


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