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Jan 2, 2008: The dog days -- of sorts

Wednesday, January 02, 2008:

You hear about the dog days of summer, named after the astronomical/astrological presence of the Dog Star, Sirius but appropriately marked by dogs lazily lying around napping in the shade to avoid the heat. Well, on that same theme, there are dog days of winter. This upcoming batch of fully frigid air will have man’s best friend lying around napping in front of a crackling fireplace. A dog’s life, indeed.

Well, you knew if you hung here long enough it would come down to this. Wind chills will go zero and lower through tomorrow night. Then, oddly enough, you’ll see near record-breaking high temps by next week.

For now, though, folks with vintage houses – that’s the nice was of saying tear-downs, like mine – will be turning to pencils.

No, I won’t be doing my upcoming column using old fashioned lead-based writing utensils. That pencil reference is the famed width you’re supposed t allow water to run through spigots overnight to prevent pipe freeze-up.

I still have this sense that pipes freezes faster when they go from mild (yesterday) to bitter cold. You most have to worry about above-ground pipes exposed to wind, even the seemingly miniscule amount that leak through tiny cracks in a foundation or crawlspace covering.

Broken pipes at the Shore can mean total disaster. With so many absentee homeowners (back at their winter digs), we often see total destruction by burst pipes, especially in upper floors. I know of three homes totally destroyed by broken pipes that don’t get noticed, sometimes all winter long. On many occasions, the breaks aren’t noticed until neighbors or strollers see water running down the side of a house. Twice I have seen houses so damaged they had to be razed.

Important politics:

Below is a statement by the RFA regarding its support of Adler for Congress, filling the seat of departing Jim Saxton. I am no (at this time) supporting anyone for Jim’s seat since it is not overly dramatic to say the entire future of LBI rides on who moves in on Jim’s heels. I do see RFA’s points and will be doing my own in death research on who is not only in it for the fishermen but also willing to go the extra mile to protect mobile fishermen and the Island’s beaches. Regardless of who gets in there, don’t look for huge gains – or even a desirable status quo -- since D.C. has its was with frosh congresspersons.

(Ocean County, NJ) - Citing his outstanding record on recreational fishing issues and commitment to protecting the marine environment, the Recreational Fishing Alliance today endorsed State Senator John Adler for U.S. Congress in New Jersey's 3rd District race.

"John Adler is a staunch advocate of the marine environment and, as a member of the state legislature, has actively supported the recreational fishing community," said Jim Donofrio, Executive Director of the nonpartisan Recreational Fishing Alliance.

"Our experience working with Senator Adler has assured us that he is deeply committed to the well-being of the recreational sector and that he will take the concerns of the recreational fishing community to Washington."

"Sen. Adler has demonstrated the commitment, knowledge and leadership that will help him fight in Congress to secure the long-term preservation of our marine resources, as well as to maintain angler access and promote a clean marine environment for fishing," continued Donofrio.

"I am honored to receive this endorsement and look forward to working with recreational fishermen in the district to bring their concerns to Washington," Adler said. "Your support is a reflection of my personal commitment to strengthen the fishing community and preserve the environment."

As a member of the New Jersey state Legislature, Senator Adler:

  • Supported the elimination of the commercial menhaden reduction fishery in state waters;
  • Advocated gamefish status for Atlantic striped bass in New Jersey state waters;
  • Sponsored legislation to prohibit pots and reefs being set on New Jersey artificial reefs;
  • Sponsored a recreational fishing license plate to generate funds for the Division of Fish and Wildlife and offset the need for a federal or state saltwater fishing license;
  • Supported the protection of open space to limit pollutants entering our bays and estuaries;
  • Supported provisions to improve water quality.

"Based on his voting record in the New Jersey Legislature and his ability to work in a bi-partisan way to get things done, we believe Senator Adler is the best candidate to represent the fishermen of the 3rd district," continued Donofrio. "If elected to Congress, Senator Adler will be a strong voice in Washington on issues concerning recreational fishermen. This will put New Jersey's fishermen in a very advantageous position."

The RFA also believes John Adler's election to Congress will benefit the state of New Jersey because it would give the state a second strong congressional advocate on issues critical to our fishing community. Democratic Representative Frank Pallone (D-6th) is a senior member of the House Natural Resources Committee and a longtime champion of recreational fishing.

"Rep. Pallone has long stood up to government agencies that attempted to implement unnecessary and excessive regulations on recreational fishermen and biases toward commercial fishing interests," said Donofrio.

"We believe it is also imperative to fill the 3rd District congressional seat with someone who will fight on behalf of the recreational fishing community. John Adler is that candidate."

The association will hold town meetings throughout New Jersey in the coming months to discuss issues such as summer flounder, tautog, and the need to amend the Magnuson Act, our nation's primary fisheries law. We have extended an invitation to Senator Adler to attend these important meetings to gain an even greater understanding of the issues affecting us."

"New Jersey's Third congressional district has long been at the epicenter of the debate over issues involving the management of our marine resources. Electing an effective advocate such as John Adler to Congress will go a long way toward achieving our goals."

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