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Tuesday, December 25, 2007: Waves: Dropping to 2-3 feet. Water clarity: Fair.

Just a quick note to wish everyone a sincere Happy Christmas and Holiday Greetings.

I purposely say “sincere” because, number one, I mean it -- I really really hope the best for all of you -- but also because I, like many others, often get a real sense of obligatory Christmas sprit – brought on by necessity more than really being glad for the good things we have going for us. As I get a tad older – at a far slower pace than the planet in general, mind you – I more and more often do some laid back “I’m damn lucky” time, often pausing for some look around time in the woods, or like yesterday, when I’m kneeling around in mud and wind digging Christmas clams. Good stuff and I’m thankful for it. Christmas is a perfect time to super-celebrate the good things – which should be celebrated to some degree everyday.

I also gave thought and prayers to our recent-passed fishing friend, Captain Mel Boytos, gone at far too young an age. Her passing also lends that kinda scary angle to the time we have here and how we handle it. I chuckle because just as I wrote that I looked over to a box I just got in the mail and it has in big red letters, “Handle With Care.” Message received. I will have information of funeral arrangements and various tributes.

Back to Holgate (clamming grounds), the last storm did more major damage to Holgate. I’m not sure why certain blows hit harder than other, though this last one was a bit longer in duration and came on a full moon with added astronomical tides. The entrance is now dire. The place where all the Forsyth signage was just this past summer is gone, just chewed up beach. Up toward the Osprey Nest, the last batch of shrubbery is now just a bone-like branches sticking eerily out of the sand.

I got some third-had reports about a few keeper bass being caught just to our north (by boat) and a few schoolies near LBI (both boat and beach). One report I overheard in Wawa by a fellow who had been fishing off IBSP.

Once again, a hugely happy holiday to all of you – and I hope you made it to church today. If you’re like me, you need it.

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