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Thursday Nov. 15, 2007 -- Bass and blues going barometric

Thursday, November 15, 2007: Waves: Choppy 3-5 foot south windswell.

The weather is rearing up so the weekend must be coming. The problem is mainly winds – a bit of spit-age -- but boy are the gusts gonna rock and roll, maybe pushing 40 mph—and not settling much below 20 through Monday. Sorry, boat anglers. Surfcasting will be tolerable with the winds manly out of the west. I do have a bite alert to pass on: First, those medium-sized slammers are really making life interesting for chunkers working the suds. The Classic is showing something like 25 blues to every one bass. Can you believe there are only 92 bass weigh-ins up against 328 bluefish (and counting). The blues will make the final days of the Classic very exciting. But it’s not just blues swirling today. After reading Joe H.’s Thursday report (see below) and getting a couple calls from the roughed up beach zone, it seems bass are also responding to the barometric pressure changes. OK, so maybe it’s more the stir from the wind but it sound a lot more technically cool to make it seem it’s barometric. I just have to think this Classic is lining up for a huge final-weekend super striper.
Blogging on, I did woods time yesterday – to be truthful I was a bit disgusted with the lousy luck I’ve been having fishing. It gets rubbed in by some folks who are doing quite decently, mainly due to a willingness to put loads of chunk time in. Oh, I’ve been giving bunker and clams a shot but I just sit there staring at rods and almost immediately think up other outdoors stuff I’d rather be doing.
By the by, I can energetically cast plugs for hours, even when I’m spelling out the word futility with each launch. Hey, there are 8 letters in the word and that’s just about the right number of test chucks for each side of a jetty.
Anyway, I want to pass on some alternative takes on the fishing: Here’s site regular T.J.
“Hey Jay, I been doing good on "plugs", artificials actually. I started out jettisoning the bait on 11/07/07 after a few days of skate frustration and boredom. I really hate bait fishing anyway, but was giving it a go for the tournament. The bait thing gets me all out of sync. So come the 8th I get back to basics doing my thing, walking and plugging. Hit 2 keepers on that day and 7 shorts, but decent shorts. A few the next day and then during the blow on the weekend I beached a bunch on metal, which is about all I could throw. Back to lighter plugs Monday. I got 85 total the past week, but the bad news is they have been getting smaller every day. Hearing reports of some decent fish up north, but can never count on them to come in here. Here's a good one, plugging in low light the other day i had a big swirl in front of me right in the wash. Up on the beach scurries this 12" fluke like he was trying to hide behind me from whatever wanted to eat him. For a moment I recalled your
story of someone catching those fluke with the mono rigged through them and thought about hooking this critter up and tossing him back out there. But the terrified look on his bulging eyes made me feel sorry for him, so I slid him back down the slope. By the way I'm still picking up fluke almost every day. TJ”
Then there’s more my speed from Joe H. (who has actually been having a decent fall overall). Then, check out his latest report below this one: “Jay,
Maria and I hit the BB surf from 7-10:30pm Tuesday night. DEAD. Not a sniff. Night bite for some reason is non-existent. Wednesday I fished the same spot in the early am. Had two heavy takedowns and missed both. A guy to the north of me had a bass and a nice bluefish when I was there. I'm in BB now gearing up for some nasty weather in the early am. Bassing will be good tomorrow---mark my words---well maybe not.
Joe H”
Thursday Report: “Jay,
Fished the mid Island surf from first light till 10am. Finally, I caught fish in numbers. Caught about 10 bass to 26". All on clams. Blues were moving through as well. Bit off a bunch of times and had big bunker chunks bit in half. Wind started to crank and the bite slowed. Guys around me were bailing the fish as well. Gotta run off to work.
Joe H.”
I had a call from a Roger (missed the last name) who I had given some Island info to. He went to a recommended beach and within 10 minutes had a 35-inch bass. He assumed one those famed “Hell, this is gonna be a breeze” mindsets -- and didn’t have touch for the next four hours. Welcome to fishing. (By the by, Roger sheepishly told me he kept the fish and was worried about doing so. I all but read him the riot act – in a friendly way. You can keep the frickin’ fish! It’s allowed. It’s delicious. It’s yours. In fact, have another -- they’re small. And it might actually help the ecology by controlling the stocks. Geesh.)
I had a boat fishermen who works the Little Egg Inlet area tell me he’s been doing pretty darn well but was wondering about alternatives to spot and eels when those two live-lineables aren’t readily available. I brought up stomach content. No, not mine. Stripers have been found with EVERYTHING in their stomach. That should tell you what else can be live-lined. I already note that needlefish would surely work. Larger bluefish would –except that other blues would do them in. Ocean herring are as good as it gets. Also, I knew a fellow who clipped the dorsals on live bergall {and, sometimes, tog} and used them to bang the crap out of big bass near Barnegat Inlet. (Tragically, that fellow died during a scuba diving accident. We used to chat diving a lot. He would tell me about astounding shoals of porgies around NJ wrecks, yet unwilling to bite baits dropped by headboat patrons above. He also told me of the huge sheepshead around the pylons of the Causeway bridge – a couple years before the world record sheepshead was caught right there. He was one of the earliest snorkelers along the inlet jetties and noted, early on, the indifference stripers had to divers.

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