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Monday Nov. 12 07 --- Long weekend, fair on blues, short on bass

Monday, November 12, 2007: waves: 1-3 feet. Water clarity: Good.

Is it just me or does there seem to be more “long-weekend” holidays than we have room for? I’m not dissing them. Three-day weekend are the stuff of healthy breaks from work. But, for those of us in the media, there’s seldom a normal Monday where we can actually reach folks for stories – or go to the bank or get mail. Blink and we’ll be into the Thanksgiving four-day weekend.

That all means I have my work cut out tomorrow as my writers and I scramble to get warm-body quotes on this week’s top stories. I can’t list those topics in here since prying eyes poke around my blogs looking for tip-offs to upcoming SandPapers. (Just kidding, guys. Always glad to see fellow writers stopping by here.)

On the news front, we’re getting closer and closer to the fluke management showdown next month. It continues to look like NMFS and Mid-Atlantic will arrogantly hold to their guns, possibly leading to the first “What ya gonna do?” thrown toward the feds. The problem is they can do a lot if push comes to shove. I’ll be writing this up in coming weeks.

In the surf, the bluefish burst continues. This is far from a blitz. It is a semi-steady take of sub-chopper in the 10-pound range. Might we see a bust out of the blues? If any concentrated bait shows, the blues will get together and things will shift to bona fide blitzing scenario. For now, though, the bait is stretched out and best chance of scoring a weigh-in blue for the Classic is to chunk with both rods.

Bassing remains a total pisser. All the chatter about thing starting in a big way has faded into a word here and there about a keeper bass, especially amid boaters off Barnegat Inlet, but the beach is back to hurry up, wait – and still get squat, on average.

Emails: Being in the middle of the fall Barnegat Bay bass fishery the fishing is consistent just like it should be this time of year. Most trips are continuing to land 10 or more bass with a mix of keepers and shorts. Yesterday morning was my most recent outing with the brother team of Dave and Dennis boating 10 bass 2 of which where over 30”. They caught them on plugs, live spot and calm. The bass I cleaned had giant sand ells which is a great sign as many believe their presence in the fall can really hold the bass out front as they migrate south. Speaking of out front, I had reliable reports of bass mixed with big blues being caught jigging metals a little to the north. With bass in the bay and now out front it’s time to go fishing! Capt. Alex Majewski Lighthouse Sportfishing


Jay, Fished the BB surf Sunday. Pretty slow, although Maria caught and released a 27" striper. Later after checking out BH and Holgate we returned to BB. Right at dark I landed a 33" bluefish that weighed in at 11/14. I released the fish over on the bayside, heathy. Monday morning I fished from 5-8am in the same spot. Not a touch.
Joe H


Managed only two blackfish as the tide changed from in to out yesterday morning at the rocks. There was a big fleet fishing at the lighthouse. Basil at BL B&T said there was a big bass bite early on. I did not see any fish come up as I passed on the way out and back in. I fished the rocks untill 11:15. I then headed in and picked up some spots then headed down for some bay fishing. Of the 6-8 boats fishing the area we were high hook. I caught a 24” and my friend landed a nice 31” and lost one other. It was not a stellar catch but it was a nice day on the water.


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