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Monday, Nov. 5, 07: Action North End -- cooler days to come

Monday, November 05, 2007: Waves: Finally dropping, 2-3 feet out of the north. Water clarity: Improving; fair to good. Plugability: Very good, early day and even during high sun, post-stir has smaller bass in the mix; popper still prime with slowly retrieved black of very bright swimmers working with stained water. Jigs fair.

There is a burst of action mid-Island to North End. Both blues and bass are being caught midday. I’m trying to get a quick break from work (Surf City) to zip up there do some ‘research” for my fishing column. Unfortunately, calls about all kinds of other news matters keep interfering.

I did make it to my street end and saw some hectic birdplay just to me south but not a single angler on it. Grinding waves would have made it touch to reach the action, though.

I had noted the arrival of the driving and cellphone law as a primary offense, a law signed by the governor last week. Thanks to the couple officers who pointed out that the main thrust of the law kicks in this march. That doesn’t mean it’s celling and driving as usual, it just means there is a break-in period where waning are the first option. However, uppity violators can receive and accelerated introduction to the no-motoring-while-cellphoning law.

It’s time to gear for the cool-down. This week will carry with it the coolest air of the season – with some signifa-winds to blow along with it. This skly move will surely ratchet down our ocean water temps, though slowly. The ocean’s a big place; it doesn’t rush to chillness. Still, the 50-degree-tops forecast highs by Friday won’t allow the ocean to hold onto its current 60-degree seas.

So the bass will be rushing right in on the wings of the chill?

If only it was that easy. The bass are (obviously) elsewhere – possibly at a goodly distance away. They aren’t big on thermometers. It takes their corpuscle-sized brains some serious sink-in time before they register it’s now time to drift toward those food-filled fall waters surrounding LBI. Upside is the fact the bay is holding serious bass numbers and the deeper EEZ water also harbor better bass. Those near-by bass could quickly make the move to the beachfront and the inlet-related shoals

Look for an evening update in here. Sorry I’m late with this:

The 3rd annual Long Beach Island Cup Striped Bass Invitational fishing tournament will be held on Saturday, November 10th. This tournament will be open to any boat and crew, who wishes to participate; it will be hosted by the Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club.

The winner of the prestigious LBI Cup trophy will be the boat with the two heaviest striped bass—cash prizes totaling two thousand dollars will also be awarded for first, second, and third places. Also, Yuengling Brewery the tournament’s official sponsor will be giving away additional door prizes at the awards presentation.

The tournament will include 12 hours of fishing beginning at 3am and ending by 3pm—with an official weigh-in (by boat only) and awards presentation to follow at the Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna club. New to 2007 will be an additional weigh in location (by boat only) at Barnegat Bait and Tackle. The entire weigh-in will be broadcasted live via. web cam, which you can access http://www.bhmtc.com/webcam/index.htm .

The cost is $150 per boat (includes food and beverages & two official tournament shirts.) The captains meeting will be held on Friday, November 9th starting at 7pm at the Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club located in Beach Haven, NJ (next to Morrisons Marina at the end of Pennsylvania Ave.) Interested participants can go to www.bhmtc.com to check out the official tournament flier to get more detailed information.

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