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Sat. Nov. 3, 2007 -- Shaken and stirred -- better day ahead?

Saturday, November 03, 2007: Waves: Large and crunchingly powerful. Water clarity: Fair to poor; stirred and shaken.

Oh, it could have been so much worse. The ocean instantly responded to the Noel-based affects. During the night, the NE-based swells rose to 15 feet and current began attacking the beach like a ravenous pit bull. Then, the luck. The storm diverted a tad more eastward – more quickly -- than expected and the winds swung more to the north and west. A subtle shift but enough to prevent the horrific erosion of places like Holgate.

Sorry to those weekend folks who have now weathered two fully untenable Saturdays in a row. Tomorrow could make a lighting-fast improve.

By the by, Manahawkin Bay bassing is on fire. Find holes and work them at all hours. This storm may have actually added more fish to that bayside mix.

I had a couple folks relate the tale of the BL surfcaster who lost his rod to knockdown that dragged the rig into the water like it was nothing. That was about ten days back. Then, during a weakfishing outing, the charter Rascal had a fare hook into a loose line.

You either know or have guessed the rest. It was the lost surfcasting gear, not only intact but with the bass still attached. I heard to measured 50 inches long, placing it in the 50-pound range.

If anyone was close to this event – either Rascal folks or the surfcaster, please drop me a line so I can get the exacting details of this amazing event.

Here’s an update on that Derby tale: Jay

The boat that came to the weigh in late had three good fish. Not ,however...in contention for 1st. I think their largest, which they put on the scale just to check it out ,was 23, or 24 lbs. I think this would have given them a shot at 3rd place ,as there was a 25 pounder. Not first, but their lateness did certainly cost them money. Tom was apologetic....but he has said time and time again at every derby....no if's and's but's or excuses. 12:00 is the absolute deadline for weigh-ins...The guys were good sportsmen and handled it well, though. You can read their take on the bass barn,,,,their handle (and boat name) is "lucky stripes". Interesting read....I think they said they fished straight through from fri. night to Sunday...and slept on bean bags in an open center console with not even a t-top through all that wind and rain....VERY HARD CORE...they deserved every fish.

Fishing reports-I can't add much....I cannot buy a striper ..in the boat or on the beach...to save my life. I have been clamming the bay hard....only saw one fish get caught. Heard of a few good ones wed. night, though....but no volume to speak of. Enjoyed the sunset blues and bunker on the Holgate front wed....never saw the bass you and Mark saw....I must have left 15 minutes too early. It can only get better, right????


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