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Thursday Nov. 1, 07 -- Another wind whacking to weather

Thursday, November 01, 2007: Waves: Small. Clarity: Bordering on too clear. Plugging potential: Good predawn to sunrise, then rapidly dropping to fair at best.

Seems that Hurricane Noel will, in fact, give us a brush, albeit a distant brushing. Despite being far offshore, it is so large it will manage to push our winds to gale force – with a very rapid increase in NE’erlies by tomorrow. This would be brutally bad for Holgate and other eroded beach areas except for the fact this storm is going to be hyper accelerating outta here, as good as gone by Saturday. Still, it’s going to churn up royally. Maybe two high tides toward the bad, though those beach-eating tides will be kept slightly at bay by reduced astronomical influences.

Noel’s stir could be a good thing if only we had fall bass in place. We don’t. That recent optimistic passage of better bass quickly subsided, reduced again to a trickle. There are still those scattered tourney weigh-ins but it’s a super slow go.

I cut from work a tad early and plugged from North Beach to Brant Beach. Hideous. Nary a swirl until I went to extreme measures and finally conjured up one bass – a whole 21 inches in length. Those extreme measures included going retro, using what always worked for me in the past, ye olde Fin-S. Fish. After offing my popper, I went with a Kalin ¾ ounce bullet jighead and a “rainbow trout” colored 5-inch Fin-S. Within two casts, I recalled something about these sand-eel resembling plastics: fluke love them. I got two flatties in and had another right into the suds. I refuse to say they were “keeper” sized because they could have been 5 pounds and still not keeper-sized, per closed season. Then, as I hit the last jetty before heading to a 6 p.m. meeting, I thought I had another fluke pickup but a moderate taking of line told me I finally had at least a taste of bassing. A nice little fight by a nice little bass.

Not that many folks are interested but there are large (and plentiful) tog on the beachfront jetties, at least those jetties with some decent water around them through the tides. They’ll take sandcrabs in a heartbeat. Bag limit is one a day until Nov. 15. then it goes to 8.

I’ve been noticing what many surfcasters have been reporting: there is a huge lack of cuts and troughs along much the Island beachfront. Not sure why. The main cuts I saw were related to the jetties – deeper water often on the south side. This upcoming blow will keep things smoothed out.

Croakers are hitting plugs on occasion. Still, you can’t pick any beach and expect croakers. You can surely expect skate at most every beach.

TOP TALE: I got this second-hand, but apparently a boat in last weekend’s Striped Bass Derby could have made a run at the top spot with a fine bass the entrant caught toward the end of the event. The captain timed it to get in right at the end of the event, using the cellphone as a timer -- very common practice in contests. But, it seems that President Bush screwed him out of nice prize money. Get this, the night before the captain’s cellphone had fallen back for Eastern Standard Time, based on the usual fall back date. Well, Bush’s extended 2006 Daylight Savings proclamation doesn’t have that changeover until this weekend. Hmmm. There’s probably a touch of political irony here but I’ll let this story stand on its own. Hey, does Hillary fish?

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