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Monday, Oct. 29, 07 -- Wild times at the Rip

Monday, October 29, 2007: waves: Down to 2-3 feet. Winds; Backed off almost fully by midday.

There was hot time at the old Rip tonight – actually more like this afternoon into dark. The bunkies were so packed in right at the Rip null zone – where the current is light – that the water was black and glittering, with explosions of bait as bluefish and bas ripped through them. Small blues were all I mustered in my short session of plugging but I saw Ray S. land a significant bass -- maybe 15 to 20 pounds (I only saw from a distance). He got it with the snag-and-drop method. There were a number of better bass taken in that same zone, almost all on bait. In fact, I didn’t see a single bass on an artificial.

The action drew a massive crowd, especially for a weekday. Still, the Bunkie were spreads for about a hundred yards so most folks had their tiny piece of action real estate.

Obviously, not everyone was into bass. There were easily 25 blues (or more) for every striper. Still, all the bait bustin’ and often the birds working made for a fairly exciting scene, though not really a blitz look.

The largest blues were maybe a couple/few pounds. Fat as all get out. They were hitting plugs freely, though bait took them at a rate far above that of artificials.

I’d like to say the wild Rip action was duplicated elsewhere on LBI but I checked around and didn’t hear of anything quite that intense, though we are definitely into a decent bass flow compared to what we had seen – or hadn’t seen – in recent weeks.

Over the weekend, the bass did, in fact, offer a nice north-to-south run of keepable (Classic-weighable). You can see the trend by checking the Classic website and noting where the entered fish were caught over the past few days.

The largest Classic fish weighed in over the weekend were in the mid to upper 20-pound range. Most seemed to be taken on bait. Largest striper I heard of was a 30-11 c&r that sounded like a beach fish, though the info I got wasn’t clear on that. It was a tagged fish so more info on it may be forthcoming.

I’m halfway through my fundraiser and want to sincerely thanks those who have contributed.

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