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Oct. 28, 07 -- Something is brewing out there -- tick-tock

Sunday, October 28, 2007: Waves: rapidly dropping 2-4 feet. Water clarity: Fair but that doesn’t seem to be hurting the fishing. Conditions will be ideal for days to come.

Alert: The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your waders and come.

That’s a quote from Sherlock Surfcaster, by the way.

There is something in the air, amid the smell of bunker. Peanuts (bunker) are beginning to bounce all along the beachfront. Though the near-beach bait pods are frantic, there isn’t a lot of gamefish action related to them – yet.

That’s where the potential steps in.

I’m betting something is about to break wide open. In fact, I’m writing this late Sunday afternoon and I would not be surprised if things are bustin’ already.

When I left Holgate about an hour ago, folks were busily chasing the bunkies, black balls in the waves all along Holgate.

I had repeatedly laid poppers atop the frenzied gamefish but couldn’t draw so much as an interested bubble. I wasn’t in the fishing mode, though, having guests in my truck – and sporting blue jeans and sneakers (now soaking wet sneakers)

But, others were able to wade out and plug away – or throw gang hooks into the bunkies, foul hooking one and allowing the drop. Even then, there wasn’t a single person hooked up as I departed. STILL (!), something is brewing. Mark my word, we’re close. And this time it might be bass.

At the same time, the North End has had a couple days of surging slammers (well into the teens) and one of the better batches of bass this season. There have been over 10 Classic weigh-in bass, exemplifying that bust-out of bass. That action could make its way southward.

Important note: Not that there’s a chance of getting even remotely close to a world record striped bass, the use of “gang hooks” is outlawed under IGFA rules if those hooks are used with bait. The foul-hooking of baitfish with a gangling treble would fall under that rule, at least I’ve been told that by a few folks.

Typical for this time of years, the ocean herring are thick near the inlets – and all the way over to the Causeway spans. I’ve had no luck with them as chunk baits but I’m told that can be excellent. My guess is herring aren’t quite as good as bunker not because gamefish like them less but because they don’t have nearly the oil (the scent) of bunker. That can actually visually be seen in the clear slightly blue looking flesh of a herring that stays that way for days. Bunker have that clearish look for only the shortest of time after dying. Then, the bunker oils lead to a very fast oxidation -- that white-ish look that bunker flesh assumes, sometimes within 48 hours of being netted.

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