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Friday Oct 26, 07: Nasty out there, some bass -- Join Stripers Forever

Friday, October 26, 2007: Waves: Still pretty much out of control; borderline surf fishable at low tide on lee sides of jetties (groins).

Water clarity: Good despite rain and ruckus. Tomorrow looks seriously iffy, weather-wise. However, I think it might be far better fro fishing than today; lighter winds and less rain.

Today I went to the far south end where the NE wind is off-shore right at the Rip. I saw a decent-sized bluefish caught on bait and I heard of some small bass jigged up with plastic sin the frontbeach cuts. The late-day rain and wind made it very unfriendly out there. I still put out 50 casts (when I’m really bored I actually count the tosses). I didn’t have so much as a swirl, despite very good looking water. I tired a blue large Gibb’s Polaris, saltwater Spook and finally a black Bomber. All looked great in the water; apparently not the look that kills, though.

The north end is showing some bass. This is common during Nor’easters. You just have to have a rainsuit with a tight fit and quality seam taping. Bass to 35 inches were caught on bait on the lip of the storm, Thursday. Chucked bunker is working. Clams will have high potential by tomorrow.

Bluefish are out there in the stir. Very inconsistent bite.

I had thrown some cold water on the concept of gamefish status for stripers. I’m not opposed to it, per se. just very uncertain of its big-picture impact. To show my balance, here’s a release from Stripers Forever:

Dear Striped Bass Fisherman – our favorite fish is struggling, and Stripers Forever, a free-membership, internet-based organization needs as many members as possible to continue the momentum gained when President Bush recently signed the Executive Order establishing game fish status for all striped bass in Federal waters - the EEZ. Stripers Forever was an important part of a collaborative effort to secure this designation. Now we need to get those states that still allow commercial fishing in the near-shore waters to grant wild striped bass game fish status as well. You can be a part of this success but only if you participate.
If you're not already a member of Stripers Forever, here are a few things you should know:

Ø Membership is free
Ø There are no meetings to attend
Ø Everything is done via the internet and e-mail
Ø Many of the top fisherman in the country support Stripers Forever
Ø Stripers Forever’s only goal is to make striped bass a game fish, meaning it would be managed for the benefit of the fishing public, now and for future generations

Here is all that you have to do: it will take less than a minute and cost nothing:

Ø Go to
Ø Select "Become A Member"
Ø Complete the very easy to follow sign-up sheet.

This is a critical time for striped bass. Help Stripers Forever successfully advocate to protect wild striper populations by Making It A Game fish.

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