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Saturday Oct 20, 07 -- Slow but could pickup by tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2007: Waves: Strong 3-5 foot south wind swell. Water clarity: Fair to poor; winds have stirred in some stained water. Water temps: Bay water chilled by the 3 to 4 inches for rain yesterday. Plugging potential: Low; poor water clarity and large breaking waves making it a tough toss, though popper at high tide have some potential.

Holgate notes: It is possible to reach the end during all tides; that could change by next week as very high astronomical tides move in with the moon. Very slow fishing, even for smaller blues. Though weed wasn’t a major factor today. all that rain has likely washed a lot of the summer grasses off the flats. The mess could show by early next week with higher tides. Lots of raptors over the refuge. Check ‘em out with binocs.

Larger blues, into the teens of pounds have been touching and going along the entire beachfront, especially Brant Beach area. Still, the action is highly spotty and very exclusionary. Many anglers see their chunk bait attracting nothing, while a nearby caster finds that one serious slammer. Dropping waves could bring the baitball back into play, leading to blitzier blues passages.

The bassing is shockingly bad. There are many many of us putting in a lot of plugging time with virtually nothing to show. Even the schoolie-sized stripers are backing off. With air temps scheduled to push into the 80s by Monday, the ocean could remain ridiculously warm, i.e. 65 to 67 degrees.

Fluke were more plentiful than bluefish on the south End today.

Mullet run is pretty much over. Remaining mullet are in the stunned mode. Instead of bolting full-blast to the south, large baitballs often gather in confused collections of sometimes thousands of fish. They are seldom targetable unless you happen on the dark patch showing where they are holed up.. Don’t count on netting mullet for bait. Buy some at the tackle shops.

Crocker barely showing. Kingfish even less.

Weakfish still common takes, especially early a.m. and from sunset through dark. Span fishing at night also producing sparklers.

Larger flocks of gannet are showing, sometimes a dozen birds working together, nothing like the hundreds of gannet that should soon be feeding just off the beach.

Quite a few folks heading offshore for chunk/troll trips. The winds and weather will be very favorable, though it could actually be a tad too calm for proper trolling.

News report: President Signs Executive Order

“Here is the Friday, October 19th, Press Briefing by Jim Connaughton, Chairman, Council on Environmental Quality on the Executive Order that is being signed by President George Bush on Saturday, October 20th that prohibits the sale of striped bass and red drum from the EEZ. I was invited by the President to attend this signing of an Executive Order but could not make it. JCAA has been working on striped bass no sale for over 20 years and I have been working on it for over 30 years. It is nice to see that President Bush recognizes the importance of conserving striped bass and red drum and protecting the recreational community that depends on these fish. The EEZ is currently closed for striped bass fishing so there is no real impact there. However, this Executive Order also recommends that the states consider no sale status for these two fish. It will be interesting to see how the states and ASMFC react. There is also a bill sponsored by Congressman Frank Pallone with many cosponsors including Congressman Thomas Allen from Maine that would make striped bass a gamefish by Federal Legislation. The value of Federal Legislation is that the solution is more lasting and less dependent on the current President. It would also address state waters. It will be interesting to see if this Executive Order provides any motivation to move this bill. When I receive a copy of the Executive Order I will send it out. Sincerely, Tom Fote”

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