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ADD On -- Thurs. Oct 11, 2007 -- Big bass, huge blue

Late Thursday, October 11, 2007: Waves were getting blown down to nothing by winds that went from east to south to west in under one hour, never losing speed, gusts to 35 mph. Water clarity: It’s getting stirred up with all these wind switches. The hard offshores might brown it up at first then usher in ultra clear water.

Some serious beachfront hooking took place today.

Dennis Stepien of Marlton raised the bluefish bar to the stratosphere by besting a 19/0 pound slammer in Ship Bottom. Those big blues were being hooked from mid-Island all the way down to Beach Haven. It wasn't a blitz scene, per se, but some action in Town was fairly torrid. Lures worked well but chunk baits also drew gator interest. Many bluefish weigh-ins for the Classic.

North end saw some decent bassing going on. Mark J. took a bass of 24-0 using chunk bait. Folks fishing nearby raised smaller bass on plugs. It’s nowhere near what it should be out there but things are picking up. Unfortunately, we’re into a longish west wind period, which often puts the kibosh on bites.

There was also some other bites going: Email: “Jay:

i know the blitzing blues are the hot topic of the south end fishing today, i fished last night and this afternoon. i caught 2 small black drum from the beach last night in beach haven—never caught one from the surf before, is this fairly common or just an anomaly? caught them on clams, also caught croakers one after another.

thanks, Mickey”

(It’s time for the black drum to make their fall pass-by. The south end is particularly inclined to offer quite a few drum, especially over the past five years or so. Historically, these drum were once a huge part of the local fishery. It seemed they declined and disappeared with emergence of the shrimp industry to the south. The small drum are superb eating, a bit similar in taste to those croakers you were getting one after the other. And, yes, croakers, black drum (and kingfish) all seem to move out together in the fall. They are frequently caught side by side so there must be very little conflict among the species. J-mann)


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