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Thursday Oct. 11 2007 -- Winds, waves and overturned boat


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Thursday, October 11, 2007Alert: 10 a.m. -- Big blues in Spray Beach. Buggies in pursuit.

Thursday, October 11, 2007: Waves: Building rapidly out of the east as winds kick in --very similar to a couple days back. Water clarity: Very good; should stay good even with the hard gusts. Water temps: Upper 60s; will be dropping rapidly over the next 3-5 days.

Morning notes: (Above) A local commercial fishing, the Karen L out of B.L., has overturned in Barnegat Inlet, on that nasty piece of sand bar just off the lighthouse.

No one was hurt but it points out the problems still existing inside the newly aligned inlet.

I say “newly” aligned even though it is now over 10 years since the New South Jetty was built to run perfectly parallel to the exiting North Jetty. Supposedly the new alignment would allow a scouring action that would keep the inlet sand-free.

No sooner had the new jetty configuration been in place than the hoper-dredger Currictuck was needed, on an annual basis, to remove the sand that shoals right where this boat flipped.

The Currituck was there this past summer and will be there for the better part of the year in 2008 – thanks to large funding acquired by Congressman Jim Saxton. That’s small solace for the soaked captain and crew of the capsized craft.

It seems the vessel may have lost it’s steering. What’s worse, it was just returning from a total overhaul – work on the bridge, a hull repainting – the works. Ouch.

Winds will heavily impact boat fishing but it could make surfcasting interesting, mainly at low tide. The stir combined with the massive bait run will allow for loads of fish in the swash area. Already this morning, Holgate exploded with mid-sized blues at a blitz rate. That was toward the Rip so I have a feeling the entire day might be explosive down there. Once action moves in there it often hangs around as baitfish get trapped is the slew inside the Rip and around the west side.

REWARD: I lost an 8-pronged curved head clamming rake in Holgate. It apparently bounced out as I hit those huge holes made by the geese – and also folks digging soft-shell clams. This rake was a gift – and the giver always asks me how the rake is working. And it had been working amazingly well. If any of the mudflats regulars has found it, please contact me at 609-290-1968.

I’ll have a late-day report in here after I do a late-day check of the beaches and Holgate.

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