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Monday Oct 08, 07 -- Blitz ends but angling brisk even in its wake

Monday, October 08, 2007: Waves: 1-3 feet, north. Water clarity: fair to good.

The below blitz alert played out fairly quickly though many folks got to cash in on blues to 16 pounds – the largest I heard of was a 16-pounder by a kid not in the Classic. The folks who were late to the blitzkrieg got to clean up after the party. All day the beached bunker laid around as anglers grabbed them to fill the freezer. The gulls got so full of the bunker (full-sized) they quit eating soon after the anglers were gone.

Here are just a couple of a goodly number of blitz and blitz-related reports.

“Jay, Had some choppers in at North Beach heading south this morning. Chasing and chomping bunker and small blues. Got a few on a popper and weighed in the biggest at Surf City B&T at 11.65lbs. Heading your way! TJ”

(That was also the first weigh-in of the tourney, TJ. I’m thinking we should have some sort of perk for having the first fish in each category. Likely too late for this year, though. J-mann)


“Jay, Had one of the most amazing fishing days of my life. I caught half a dozen blues over 10 pounds. They were my largest ever after fishing freshwater all my life. I always brag about how strong salmon and pike are. I never felt anything like those bluefish. I honestly thought I had some sort of world record on and it was only about 12 pounds. Amazing. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight since I have this entire week off! Keep up the good work with your websites.”


Unfortunately I am back at work. As I was sitting here, the cell rang and it said Bob Warner, one of my fishing buddies. He said are you down and I had to tell him NO! He informed me that big blues were driving bunker up onto the beach and birds were everywhere. After the fact, I was informed the blues were so thick they must have been driving thru with open mouths and were cutting lines between the terminal tackle and the rod. Elliott ended up with two over 30” after having his line bitten off well above the terminal tackle three times.

Bob T.


Blitz outlook: I like to think of the first day of a blitz like the tremors before big quake. The bait is in place; the blues are very much at the ready; and some stripers are on-scene. Why shouldn’t tomorrow see things detonate above and beyond today, especially since I have to work for a huge chunk of the day?

IN OTHER NEWS: The croaking has really picked up. Hal M. had 25 over the weekend. He also had five kingfish to 2 pounds. (Note: State record for kingfish is something like 2.5 pounds.)

Bassing remains slow to comatose, on a whole.

Small blues are as pervasive as ever, even along the entire frontbeach, though they are wisely absent when the gators attack baitfish – and anything else that gets in their mouth, I mean in their way.

More folks telling me of fine triggerfishing from Barnegat Inlet area and out to the reefs and wrecks.

Here’s a super upbeat report, one that I can relate to since I used to annually cash in on the amazing variety pack available near Barnegat Inlet this time of year: “Jay, Fished this weekend in the bay with grass shrimp. Fishing was a steady

parade of every fish imaginable. We caught 12 different species of fish in

a four hour period. Stripers, bluefish, weakfish, tog, porgy, spot, fluke, sea bass,

herring, croaker, pompano, and kingfish. Bob A.”

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