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Thursday/Friday, October 04, 05 2007: Waves: Finally dropping a bit but still three to four foot waves on the larger set; easterly ground swell from large system well of the coast. Winds: Light and v…

Thursday/Friday, October 04, 05 2007: Waves: Finally dropping a bit but still three to four foot waves on the larger set; easterly ground swell from large system well of the coast. Winds: Light and variable and shouldn’t get very hard throughout the weekend except for late-day southerlies by Sunday.

The ocean is a tad off color nearshore but still highly fishable in the surf and inlet areas.

Main look along the sudsline is the massive spearing action. A few weeks back I was calling it a river of migrating baitfish now it’s more like shoals of spearing. The herring are losing their minds on the bait in both inlets. Many anglers are using small metals and such to fun-around with the herring, which are running very large. Mullet run has turned off entirely, hopefully due to this oddly hot weather (warming the bay and ocean back into the upper 60s) and not because the run is over – though it has ended this early many times before.

The beach is a pick of blues, small bass, croakers and kingfish. The problem is there is no steadiness at all to any of those bites and one block might have the action and another holding only junkfish. Skate are really making their presence known. So are robins. Speaking of robins, there is no counting the number of nice fluke be taken and released on whole mullet meant for blues. If someone was actually targeting the fluke (illegal to do) it seems possible to catch them nonstop during certain tide periods. Some day in the distant future surfcasters may again be able to keep fall-run fluke – providing you’re pretty young at this point in time.

LBI Surf Fishing Classic begins tomorrow so make sure you get signed up before you put line to water. For all details – including a huge list of bonus (non-cash) prizes this year go to www.lbisft.com.

This super weather has a veritable flotilla of pleasure craft heading offshore for the weekend. The niceness will also allow heavy targeting of the reefs and near-in wrecks.

Buggyists take extra care when cruising the beachfronts. The sand remains super sinky and the entrapment rate is very high. Holgate is also a tough go once you get out of the well-marked trackline.

The weakfish people are talking a slowdown but far from a shutdown. Still many sparklers coming up everyday. Holgate has them right before dark, west side. Boat action is nearer the inlets – often in an eastward line from the usual backbay sites. Mullet, fresh dead or alive, work but the ease of jigging makes weakfishing a fun stop on a day with other venues also on the agenda.

Sparkling email: “Hey J, At the risk of sounding like a broken record, What else can be said about the weak fishing. Hit the water very early this morning and netted peanut bunker. Had non-stop weakfish for three hours(I stopped) All nice fish (with three for the table).Some fish over 5#s. Like most fisherpeople I am thinking Stripers, But I will ride the summer train to the bitter end Knowing we will pay for this weather in March,April and most of May. Water temp back bay- 69degs. Wait until you see the peanut bunker run along the beach this year!!!!! It will be epic and timed with the first showing of serious bass action. Good luck to all in the derby.”

Still numerous folks asking about eating triggerfish. The same-old/same-old: “How do you fillet them.” You don’t. Believe me, these are one fish you want to cook whole. You go from a couple small fillets per cut-fish to a full meal per fish/per person with one cooked in the round (the chef-ish expression for a whole fish.) To get the guts out use a shark thin bladed knife and go in at the anal opening and cut up to the upper ib cage. Thumb out the innards and bake the rest. You’ll be amazed at how easily the skin comes off in one piece per side – and the easiness of taking the cooked white delectable meat off the bones. For a disgustingly good condiment side, melt butter and stir in about a tablespoon of Bay Seasoning and some lemon. Dip, taste and make appropriate noises.

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