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Wed. Oct. 3, 2007 -- Jellyfish slime in the way; tales of north bass

Wednesday, October 03, 2007: Waves: Swells still largish and powerful; surf has held the surfcasting down, light fishing pressure today. Water clarity: Good but the jellyfish mucous has returned on many beaches, especially south end.

I’ll begin with the stories of bass on the north end. Fish to 35 inches have made the scales and other significant catch-and-release fish are being reported. No such luck on the south end where, outside a few swirls suspected of being bass, next to nothing has been caught.

Bluefishing in Holgate has been nonstop. I hate to say it but for some folks it’s to the point of boredom. Stu and Stan keep on enjoying the take of cocktail blues. I nabbed about a dozen in a half hour and went back to looking at all the baitfish cruising by: spearing, mullet and the arrival of the first concentrated peanut bunkies. The bunkies were somewhat oddly interspersed with mullet.

The same reports of a “few” kingfish and corakers has come my way today. I have tried for kingfish on the south end and haven’t gotten one.

If there’s any odd species presence this fall it’s the triggerfish that are out there in huge numbers, on the reefs, near the inlets and even in the west sides of the bay. I have heard of some boats with upwards of a dozen triggers, all nice sized fish.

There are now a load of folks diving the jetties of Barnegat Inlet. They’re seeing bass, triggers, blackfish and numerous sheepsheads. I have also heard about plentiful sheepshead on wreck however the take by anglers is almost null. They are fished almost identically to tog so there should be more caught. I also wonder if divers are seeing young black drum which are very similar to sheepshead in having shape and stripes – though the yellow color of sheepsheads (until they get huge) is usually a very easily observed reference point.

Important meeting change: To All

I just got the word that the Senate Environmental Committee hearing had been canceled for tomorrow (October 4) since the could not get a quorum. They have reschedule it for the October 18. More information to follow. Please spread the word since we do not want people going to Trenton tomorrow for nothing. Please post on message boards

Sincerely Tom Fote


Email: “I'm a regular reader of your column, and we've even talked a few times on the beach in years past. I'll be arriving on the island (staying in Holgate) for a week. What lures and poppers etc., would you advise using, for either blues or stripers? My go to lure is the Kastmaster, but I'm open to any suggestions.”

(Have fun picking our poppers and more poppers. Good side is the fact you don't need the hugely expensive Gibb's -- or even Atom's -- poppers. Any noisy surface splasher does the trick, providing it has bucktail on the tail. Those hairs really up the productivity of a plug, as we've all seen after a bluefish de-hairs a popper and the hits fall off noticeably.

Another huge enhancer is the rattlers inside some popping plugs -- even cheaper ones.

I keep emphasizing 'cheap" because as much as I like blues it is a waste of good plugs to have them ripped apart by ravenous blues.

Most folks are using white or light colors poppers right about now. I'm not sure how much that matters.

The blues are thickest from the Rip around to the back cut {slough}. J-mann)

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