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Monday, October 01, 2007: Waves: Rapidly building groundswell; 3-5 feet out of the east. Water clarity: Very good though jellyfish gunk has moved in causing line drag and general unfunness. Water temps: 62 to 64.

The onshore winds and large swell are factors for surfcasters and boat fishermen alike. Tough getting out of LE Inlet and sloppy once out there.

I’m getting an increasing number of bass reports with a few near-keeper fish thrown in. Still, it is very slow overall. Plugs seem to be the only way to attract the bass that are stalking the mullet.

The swells today made it even tougher to get the few croakers and kingfish in the suds.

Bluefishing same as it's been: great and widespread. Still very few slammers -- they're waiting for the start of the LBI Surf Fishing Classic this coming weekend.


Jay, Just read your Sunday blog about all-time weakfishing. You won't get much of an argument here. I fished with three friends Sat. night on the bayside. Despite all the boating traffic during the day, we took a four man limit (32) of weakfish in two hours. We were culling the smaller fish as we approached 30 fish. We probably released upwards of 100 fish, including bluefish, herring and fluke. The size was all over. I think I saw 5 fish under 13". Most were 16-20", but I hooked and fought a 30" monster that cut me off in the pilings. Fishing was off the charts. If I didn't cash in on the Delaware Bay glory days in the late 70's, early 80's with my dad, I would say weakfishing has never been better. Back in those D-Bay days, I remember catching 10-14lb weakfish like it was your job. A cooler full of 12lbers wouldn't raise an eyebrow.
Anyhow, Sunday my buddy Dan and I hit Holgate around
5pm. The backside was a blast to toss plastics. A 2-4lb bluefish or monster herring greeted almost every cast. Dan threw a net on some mullet and we found that a live mullet on a plain jig head was better. We caught some nice blues on just about every cast. We later found out that big weakfish were mixed in with the bluefish just south of us. Great fishing.
Joe H”


Jay, just read your report. Here is the info on the recent LBIFC world series of fishing, 61st tournament.

Ocean City fishing club took first place. We had the equivalent of 50 six-man teams. Total fish caught was 911, which also includes sharks and sea robins. Served a great lunch to all. Tiderunner JOHN

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