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Saturday Sept. 29, 2007 -- Great weather, modest hooking --

Saturday, September 29, 2007: Waves: 1-2 feet out of the east. Water clarity: Good but with some weedy and off-color patches. Water temps: Holding in the mid-60s; should be dropping fairly rapidly with this cold snap; this time of year water temps are very ambient, meaning they adjust with air temps more than solar heating, which is the primary influence during the summer when daylight is at a peak.

Ideal weather overall, though winds were gusty west and slowly shifted around NE by afternoon. Huge number of anglers out there due to the LBI Fishing Club’s World Series of Surf Fishing. I never have much luck getting the results and numbers of this event. If there are any LBIFC members reading this please let me know the winning team and (even more) the total number of fish (and species).

The mullet run has re-exploded. This cold air had the mullet pods so thick in Holgate that they became a distraction for those of us sued to netting bait – but having all the bait we need already. The bluefish on the mullet are a tad larger than we had been seeing, at least along the south end. Still, they mainly 2-pounders top. I did have a slammer on the line at the Rip. It came partially out of the water so I got a good look but didn’t have it on for more than maybe 20 seconds. Looked to be in the teens of pounds.

Croakers are improving the day for many surf anglers. However, they’re only out there in 3 or 4 per caster numbers. Related email: “Caught some croakers for the first time in.....a long time, maybe two years? Water had lots of small blues and dogfish, robins, and croakers. Tried plugging some jetties but no bass for me, yet.”

No real bass for many folks – yet. I still get striper accounts (second-hand) from the north end but that is not what many of us are seeing. I haven’t had decent bass on for weeks and I’m now putting in some decent plugging time. As noted before, New England has had supper stripering so I’m hoping those fish are heading this way.

I’ll be writing on the following subject for this week’s SandPaper column. If you have any suggestions or insights please let me know especially if you’ve ever released larger fish after weigh-in – and (hopefully) are willing to give me quotes I can use for the story.

“Jay, A possible idea for your blogsite is to discuss how to go about weighing in a live fish for the tournament, and then releasing it. I didn't even know this was possible, but recently heard from a couple sources that it can be done.
I know that personally, I've passed on weighing in a couple of fish during past tournaments because I either didn't feel like cleaning it, or didn't really have the time to do so. So I simply released the fish.


Very important legio-letter from JCAA:

The Pots Off Reef Bill is posted in the Senate Environmental Committee for a vote this Thursday, October 4th at 10AM in Trenton. It took a lot of work by JCAA and others to get this bill posted and now we need your help to get it moved out of committee. We need to thank Senator Bob Smith for posting the bill in the committee and Senate President Richard Cody for allowing the committee to meet. The information about the hearing and contact information is below. If you have any questions give me a call or go to the JCAA Web Page archives and read the articles about the bill in the last four JCAA Newspapers. In particular read Bill Figley's white paper http://www.jcaa.org/JCNL0704/0704FMLR.htm#ReefZone
We will probably have Senators Smith, Adler and Sweeney at the hearing. Senator Ciesla said at the previous meeting he could not be there since he will be out of town and he is a sponsor of the bill. I do not know about Senator McNamara. It is important to contact these Senators about the bill from your organization if you are not going to be at the hearing.

Tom Fote

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